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Give your face a new lease of life with the frown line treatment.

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The frown line, also known as the glabella wrinkle, easily gives the face a stern, unattractive appearance.

As collagen and elastin (responsible for skin elasticity) production declines with age, deep expression lines between the eyebrows become more pronounced, contributing to the appearance of the frown line.

Treatment options such as muscle relaxant injections can relax facial muscles and smooth out frown wrinkles in a targeted way, giving your face a softer, younger expression.

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30 Minutes
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How does the frown line treatment work?

The frown line treatment involves injecting muscle relaxants in a targeted manner between your eyebrow line to relax the muscles. The first results are immediate.

Wrinkle treatment

The benefits of frown line treatment

Rapid results

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The muscle relaxant injection effectively smooths frown lines.

Long-term prevention

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The frown line treatment controls the appearance of new wrinkles and protects the skin from ageing.

A rejuvenated appearance

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Thanks to frown line treatment, the face looks smoother and younger.

Frown line treatment with a muscle relaxant

To help you make a more informed decision we have put together a step by step guide of a muscle relaxant treatment journey.

Other areas for muscle treatment injections

For particularly effective wrinkle treatment, frown lines can be optimally combined with other facial wrinkle treatments.

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