Solutions Against Large Pores

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Effective Treatment for Large Pores

An effective treatment for large pores is medical needling, a proven method for improving skin structure.

Medical needling involves fine needles penetrating the skin, creating tiny micro-injuries that stimulate the skin's natural regeneration. This process stimulates collagen production and promotes the formation of new skin cells, resulting in firmer and more even skin.

For large pores in particular, medical needling can help to smooth the skin and refine the appearance of pores by removing excess sebum and impurities. The treatment is safe and effective, with minimal risks and a short recovery time.

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How does medical needling work?

Medical needling uses a special device equipped with fine needles. These needles are gently guided over the skin, creating tiny micro-injuries. These micro-injuries induce the natural regeneration of the skin by stimulating the healing process.

This stimulates collagen and elastin production, which leads to an improvement in skin texture. Medical needling can also improve the absorption of skincare products, as the skin is more permeable after treatment.

Overall, medical needling helps to refine the skin texture and make the skin appear more even. The result? Large pores disappear, the complexion glows and the skin appears plumper, firmer and finer.

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Medical needling vs microneedling

You are interested in a needling treatment but don't know the difference between medical needling and microneedling?

Medical needling uses longer needles to intensely stimulate the deeper layers of the skin. In contrast to microneedling, medical needling is performed by specialized doctors, minimizing the risk of infections and scarring.

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32 days
Low hair density
2000 grafts
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32 days
Low hair density
2000 grafts
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32 days
Low density
2000 grafts

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