Fabio Landert x HAIR & SKIN

Swiss stand-up comedian and HAIR & SKIN Ambassador Fabio Landert not only values comedic performances, but also his appearance. Find out more about Fabio's impressive career and gain exciting insights into his treatment at HAIR & SKIN.

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About Fabio Landert

St. Gallen comedian Fabio Landert has been conquering the comedy world since 2018. With his humorous solo programme ‘Under the Skin’, he delights audiences in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

His career has developed in a similar way to his numerous tattoos: he started small with short programmes, which he performed on smaller stages, over time this developed into major TV appearances in Switzerland and Germany.

Newcomer awards such as the ‘SRF Comedy Best Talent’ in Switzerland and the ‘Nightwash Talent Award’ in Germany followed. But despite these international successes, Fabian emphasises the importance of his audience, whom he meets with his dry humour on social media.

As the new ambassador for HAIR & SKIN, he is pursuing the goal of making medical beauty treatments more transparent and providing authentic insights.

As a great animal lover, he is also an animal ambassador for the organisation ‘Vier Pfoten’ and loves to spend his free time with his French bulldog Tyson. You can find out more about Fabio Landert at

The medical needling at HAIR & SKIN makes me feel more confident and fresh before my photo shoots. I can be confident that the photos will look good."

Fabio Landert (Comedian)

Medical Needling & Autologous Blood Treatments

Fabio's Journey With HAIR & SKIN

Fabio has opted for medical needling. Find out why beautiful skin is particularly important to him.

I am very happy that I did the medical needling at HAIR & SKIN. I can highly recommend the treatment to anyone."

Fabio Landert (Comedian)

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