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Experience the solution against deep-seated wrinkles and fight signs of ageing! Our treatment leaves your skin smooth and prevents wrinkles. Take the step towards a fresh radiance!

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The secret to eternal youth

Discover the secret of eternal youth! Wrinkles become a thing of the past and your face glows with youthful freshness.

Expression lines and wrinkles are specifically relaxed by the injection, causing the overlying skin wrinkles to smooth out or even disappear completely - with an effective duration of around 4 months! If wrinkles are not yet present, preventive treatment offers protection against the ageing process.

And that's not all! This treatment approach is also enormously effective for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). With targeted injections into the armpits, it blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the sweat glands and thus reduces sweating.

Experience the fountain of youth of aesthetic medicine and discover your timeless beauty - for a youthful and self-confident you!

Treatment zones



Forehead wrinkle

Crow's feet

Frown line

Bunny Lines

Duration of effect

The duration of effect of the injection depends on the amount used, the body region and the metabolism of the person being treated. For wrinkle treatment, a duration of action of 3-5 months can usually be expected, whereas for sweat treatment, a duration of action of 6-12 months can be expected. The treatment can be repeated as often as desired and may be used both preventively and as an after-effect for wrinkle treatment, which makes it a particularly sustainable and long-term treatment method.

The advantages of the muscle relaxer


    Minimally invasive

    You do not have to undergo any surgical intervention.

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    The treatment is described by many as painless.

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    You can enjoy the results after just a few days.

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    If necessary, you can repeat the treatment indefinitely at intervals of 3 months.

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    You are immediately fit for work and social life again.

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How it works

Want to do something about your wrinkles and enjoy youthful facial skin again? Our goal is to make your dream of smooth skin come true - while still maintaining your vibrant expression. Thanks to the strategic injection of the active ingredient, you will be able to achieve just that: smooth skin and a natural-looking result.

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Your medical staff

At HAIR & SKIN you benefit from high Swiss quality standards and hygiene measures. Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified professionals who are highly trained in the field of hair transplantation. We rely on experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of dermatology and trichology. Our aim is to proceed with the utmost precision and care to ensure natural and aesthetically pleasing hair transplants, to make your treatment comfortable and to leave nothing to be desired.

On average, four people are present during your hair transplant: a doctor, two transplanters and a medical assistant.

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    During your entire treatment with us, you will be looked after by one of our doctors. Our team of doctors is also there for you at all times for follow-up checks or any complications.

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    Usually,the hair transplant is performed by two specialised transplanters who work under the supervision of the attending doctor.

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    Medical Assistant

    The medical practice assistant is your first point of contact in the clinic. She ensures that your treatment runs smoothly and supports the transplanter and medical team on all fronts.

When does wrinkle treatment work?

Day 0

Counselling (optional)

Not sure if wrinkle treatment is right for you? We would be happy to welcome you personally for a free consultation.

Day 1

Wrinkle treatment

On this day, your wrinkle treatment will be performed ambulatory in one of our clinics. You will be able to work and socialise again immediately afterwards.

Day 3

First results

The effect of the injected substance begins around day 3. It takes up to 10 days for the full effect to unfold and you can enjoy your final result.

Day 10

Final result

It takes a few days to reach the full potential of the treatment. From day 10 you can enjoy the results of your wrinkle treatment.

From day 14

Touch-up (optional)

We are confident that you will be satisfied with the results of your treatment. If you are not, we offer a free touch-up two weeks after your treatment.

3rd - 4th month

Repeat treatment

You've become accustomed to your wrinkle-free skin and don't want to be without it? Repeat your treatment after 3-4 months to maintain the smooth result.


One facial zone costs 300 Swiss francs, whereby you can benefit from a discounted offer for multiple treatments.

The "forehead wrinkles" treatment zone must be performed in a package with the frown line for aesthetic reasons. We offer the sweat treatment for 800 Swiss francs.

Wrinkle treatment

3 face zones
CHF 600
Sweat treatment

CHF 800

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During a no-obligation consultation, our specialists will perform a skin scan to create a suitable treatment plan for you.

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