Bunny Lines

Say goodbye to those annoying little wrinkles around your nose called "Bunny Lines", and get a smooth, rejuvenated nose contour.

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Smoothing bunny lines with muscle relaxants offers a reliable solution to nasal wrinkles. These deep expression lines often begin at the lateral root of the nose and extend from the wings of the nose to the corners of the eyes.

In the treatment of bunny lines, muscle relaxant is injected into the nasal muscles at strategic points. This relaxes the eye and nose area, resulting in smoother skin and an overall younger, fresher appearance.

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30 Minutes
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How does the nose wrinkle treatment work?

In the treatment of bunny lines, muscle relaxants are injected specifically into the nose area to relax the muscles. The result is a smooth, wrinkle-free nasal region.

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The benefits of the Bunny Line treatment


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By injecting Muscle relaxant into the facial muscles, Bunny Lines can be effectively smoothed.


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Bunny Line treatment is an anti-ageing method that achieves natural results by gently improving the nose area, without looking artificial or fixed.


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Bunny Line treatment improves the overall appearance of the skin by smoothing facial lines and wrinkles in a targeted manner.

Bunny line treatment with muscle relaxant

At HAIR & SKIN, we make your dream of smooth, radiant skin come true while enhancing your natural beauty.

Other areas for wrinkle injections

For particularly effective wrinkle treatment, bunny line treatment can be optimally combined with other facial wrinkle treatments.

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