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Treatment information

The forehead wrinkle treatment with muscle relaxant offers a reliable solution to forehead wrinkles.

A muscle relaxant is injected specifically into the skin of the forehead to smooth out the wrinkles. The muscle relaxant relaxes the muscle and prevents it from contracting.

As the skin in the treated forehead area is no longer taut, the forehead wrinkles are smoothed out. The forehead remains relaxed even when facial expressions are exerted, which prevents the formation of new forehead wrinkles.

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30 Minutes
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How does forehead wrinkle treatment work?

During forehead wrinkle treatment, a muscle relaxant is injected into the frontalis muscle to relax it. The result is a permanently smooth, wrinkle-free forehead.

forehead wrinkle treatment

The benefits of forehead wrinkle treatment


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By injecting muscle relaxants, wrinkles can be smoothed effectively. The result is almost immediate.


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The forehead wrinkle treatment achieves natural results by gently improving the appearance without looking artificial or overdone.


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Muscle relaxant Wrinkle Treatment is virtually pain-free and allows for an immediate return to active life.

Treatment of forehead wrinkles

At HAIR & SKIN, we make your dream of smooth, radiant skin come true while enhancing your natural beauty.

Other areas for muscle relaxant injections

For particularly effective wrinkle treatment, addressing forehead wrinkles can be optimally combined with other facial wrinkle treatments.

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