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We are experts in medical beauty treatments and are passionate about helping our clients realise their full radiant potential.

Our team not only has the necessary expertise, but also the passion that drives us to achieve great things together.


From our innovative treatment methods to our personalised customer service, we are always committed to the highest quality and performance.

This is the only way we can satisfy our customers and gain their trust.


And the best part? We do this together. Together we are more than the sum of our parts.

We create an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect in which everyone can contribute their uniqueness and we can grow together as a team.


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Company culture and benefits

We believe in a culture of trust and give you the freedom to organise your working day according to your needs.

Whether in our modern office or working from home, you'll find the working environment that suits you. In the HQ, we are on site 3 days a week and work remotely 2 days a week. In the clinics, we have fixed day shifts and no night shifts.

Of course, you will also benefit from attractive benefits, such as attractive discounts, 5 weeks' holiday, part-time work in job sharing, additional holiday days or a temporary reduction in your workload.

You will have the opportunity to receive coaching and mentoring and will be professionally introduced to your area of work, whether as a doctor, practice assistant, nurse, or sales consultant, in our clinic or at our headquarters.


Shape your career at HAIR & SKIN

At HAIR & SKIN, we offer a wide range of topics, projects and areas of work. Thanks to our dynamic and flexible culture, new perspectives are constantly opening up.

You can shape your personal development together with the team and your team lead. Perhaps you are currently working as a practice assistant but would like to make a career in customer service? We are open to it.

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We Live Diversity - Every Day

Our key to success is the enormous diversity of HAIR & SKIN's employees

  • Diversity: 26 nationalities
  • Average age: 31 years
  • 50+ doctors
  • 55+ MPAs
  • Satisfied customers: 16,000+
  • Founded in 2020

Our Application Process - Your 4 Steps to Success

Are you ready to join a team that embodies passion, excellence, and cohesion while revolutionising the world of medical beauty treatments? Then you've found your crew.

Get to know our team

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    Senior controller & business analyst

    "HAIR & SKIN makes me start and end my day with a smile. The daily tasks take me to interdepartmental areas, which gives me that certain something in my everyday life."

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    Head of accounting & finance

    "Bearing responsibility and helping to shape the future - HAIR & SKIN challenges me in this respect to the optimum degree. I particularly like the startup mentality, where everyone is allowed to contribute, but also has to. Appreciation for the work done is never neglected."

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    Marketing lead

    "Marketing is the art of bringing the essence of HAIR & SKIN to the world and inspiring people. It is an exciting journey that invites me to push creative boundaries and find new ways to spread our message. At HAIR & SKIN, I have the opportunity to combine my passion for marketing with that of our mission at HAIR & SKIN. Together we are shaping a future full of innovation and inspiring success."

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    Chief product officer

    "Freedom, co-design & self-realisation - three words that describe HAIR & SKIN for me. I have the opportunity to help shape the future of the company, to contribute my ideas and, above all, to implement them. I have the chance to significantly influence the quality and success of HAIR & SKIN through my many years of experience in start-ups but also in international companies. Dynamic is not an option here, it's a must and at the same time it's really fun to shake up the market!"

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    Head of retail

    "I have been a proud HAIR & SKIN member since clinic number four was opened. At that time I was promised: "Here you will do what you enjoy and what you do best!" That's exactly what it was like! From clinic openings, to surgery scheduling, to managing the medical assistants, I was allowed to take responsibility, contribute and celebrate our successes. Now I have been given the chance to use my know-how in process optimisations and in training our staff. It is unbelievable how quickly you can develop your skills (professional/social and leadership skills) in a start-up environment. If you want to progress on the career ladder, contribute and implement concepts, this is the place to be."

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    Lead CRM

    "Every day is an inspiring adventure at HAIR & SKIN. Here I have the opportunity to actively shape my area of responsibility and achieve impressive results in record time. The incredible team spirit and vibrant energy motivate me to perform at my best every day."

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    Lead salesforce manager

    "At HAIR & SKIN, I love the challenges we face in our daily developmental tasks and the innovative approach that everyone embraces and promotes. The work here is fulfilling and fun, as we all work hard to make the company a success and make many patients happy at the same time."

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    Operations lead

    "HAIR & SKIN challenges me every day anew which constantly makes me outgrow myself. As a start-up, we are a young and dynamic team. In addition, we can help shape and form the company. The resulting combination of team spirit and responsibility is what makes HAIR & SKIN stand out."

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    Area manager

    "I didn't know what power and passion a company could evoke in me until I joined HAIR & SKIN. Defining measures, implementing them and seeing how they are part of the company's success motivates me every day anew to give 200%. At HAIR & SKIN you have the chance to experience and learn more in a few months than in years at other companies – I started as a consultant, became Consultant Lead and today working as Area Manager I am responsible for 5 clinics and over 30 people."



Then we look forward to receiving your application.

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