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Woman with beautiful eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows

Do you long for full and thick eyebrows without microblading? We will make your dream come true.

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Woman with beautiful eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows: the must-have of today

Our eyebrows are known as the "frame of the face", and naturally full and beautifully curved eyebrows have been seen as a trend for many years. Expressive eyebrows give every face a distinctive contour and emphasize our facial expressions. But not only the aesthetic aspect plays a major role also the practical benefits are central. Our eyebrows protect our eyes from sweat, dust and other foreign objects.

However, many of us suffer from patchy eyebrows, have over-plucked them in the past or disfigured them with unprofessional permanent make-up or microblading. Hereditary factors, injuries or burns as well as thyroid hormone deficiency can also lead to hair loss on our eyebrows. The eyebrow transplant is thus for women as well as for men the permanent and natural solution for full and natural brows.

A new way of life

Do you also suffer from uneven hair growth, bald patches or scars in the eyebrow region? Rely on HAIR & SKIN - the Swiss market leader for hair transplants! We offer eyebrow transplants of the highest quality with fair conditions, without the need of traveling abroad.
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  • Punching in preparation for follicle removal

  • Extraction of individual hair root groups

  • Collection the hair roots (grafts)

  • Implantation of the grafts at the affected areas

Frequently asked questions

  • How much does an eyebrow transplant cost?

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    At HAIR & SKIN, eyebrow transplants are available at CHF 4'000.–. If you would prefer to pay for the treatment in instalments, this is also possible from CHF 80.– per month, depending on the number of used grafts. Our staff will be happy to inform you about the possibility of 0% financing.

  • What exactly is done in an eyebrow transplant?

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    The eyebrow transplant is closely related to the classic hair transplant. First, there is a detailed consultation with the responsible hair transplant specialist. Here the patient has the opportunity to express their wishes, ideas and concerns.

    Afterwards, the hair transplant specialist explains the medical options and draws the outline of the desired eyebrow. In order to obtain the most natural result possible, the transplanter includes the already existing eyebrow area in the planning. He always includes the existing eyebrow hair.

    Only after these preliminary discussions the actual transplantation takes place. Here, the transplanter first devotes himself to the donor area, which is usually located on the back of the patient's head. The reason: here the hair roots are virtually immune to the notorious hair loss hormone DHT. But that's not all: the hair roots at the back of the head also closely resemble the eyebrow hairs in terms of structure and thickness. The advantage of this is that the greater the similarities, the more harmonious the result.

    Now the transplantation specialist removes the hair follicles from the donor area using the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction - Method) and immediately after the removal, he reimplants them one by one along the natural growth direction into the patient's eyebrow area. Thanks to this innovative gentle method, the removal holes heal again in a short time, so that and no scars remain. Important: On the head our hair grows in small groups, which include up to four hairs. However, eyebrows are different: they are composed of many individual hairs. Consequently, eyebrow transplantation and head hair transplantation differ decisively in this point. Therefore, eyebrow transplantation - despite a smaller number of grafts - also takes several hours. However, during the entire procedure, the patient remains completely conscious. Nevertheless, the procedure is absolutely painless for them, because thanks to local anesthesia they do not feel anything from the individual treatment steps.

  • How long do the transplanted eyebrows take to grow back?

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    The speed of our eyebrow growth is as individual as our eye color. How quickly and densely they sprout therefore depends entirely on our genetic predisposition. Depending on the genetic predisposition, the new eyebrow hair of some patients can grow back in record time, while others take more time to grow back.

    As a rule, it can be assumed that the hair grows by about 0.3 millimeters per day during the growth phase - which lasts about one month in the case of the eyebrows. This is followed by a resting phase in which the hairs in the brow remain but no longer grow longer. In the next phase, the newly gained eyebrow hair falls out for a short time, and then grows back completely. Here’s a little patience required to finally marvel at the permanent end result.

    Experience shows that it takes about 4 months until the newly formed hair roots begin to sprout.

    Since eyebrows are shorter than the scalp hair, it can generally be said that the result of an eyebrow transplant is more quickly recognisable than that of a hair transplant.

  • What do I have to have in mind after eyebrow transplant?

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    The time after the treatment is planned individually for each patient by our specialists. You will be guided in the correct behavior after the transplant according to the doctor's recommendation. We will help you with the care in the beginning and instruct you in detail about the further process. It is important to know that the eyebrow must be trimmed at regular intervals, as the transplanted scalp hair in the eyebrow region continues to grow constantly.

  • Why eyebrow transplant and not microblading?

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    We believe that there are many reasons that speak in favor of eyebrow transplant and against the approach of permanent makeup or microblading.

    The most important aspect that speaks for an eyebrow transplant is their natural look, which, according to experience, can only be achieved with real eyebrow hairs. In addition, thanks to their resistance to the hair loss hormone DHT, transplanted eyebrows do not fall out again and thus offer a permanent, significantly longer lasting and natural result.

    Moreover, transplanted eyebrows also fulfill the protection for our eyes foreseen by nature, which can be mentioned as another notable plus.

  • Where can I get an eyebrow transplant?

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    Since the eyebrow transplant is a special procedure that can only be performed by a trained eyebrow transplant specialist, we currently only perform this treatment at our clinic in Basel.

  • Is an eyebrow transplant painful?

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    The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. The local anaesthetic is injected with a thin needle in different parts of the donor area (back of the head) as well as the recipient area (eyebrow region). The anaesthetic itself is the only unpleasant part. However, the discomfort of the local anaesthetic can be minimised by using a pain-relieving technique. If you are interested, please ask us directly during the first consultation. This way you will not feel anything from the transplantation - neither the subsequent removal of the hair follicles from the donor area, nor their transplantation into the eyebrows.

  • What is special about the eyebrow transplant?

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    The great thing about an eyebrow transplant at HAIR & SKIN is that no shaving of the eyebrows is necessary. The eyebrow transplant specialist transplants the new hairs between the existing eyebrows.

    Only the donor area at the back of the head needs to be shaved for the removal of the hair follicles. In the case of an eyebrow transplant, the donor area is located at the lower back of the head, as the hair is thinner at this part and for that reason it fits better for the eyebrows.

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