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"Crow's feet" is the colloquial term for the small wrinkles under the eyes and at the outer corner of the eye. They are also known as laugh lines and are caused by the loss of collagen with increasing age.

The doctor first marks the skin and then injects the muscle relaxant in a second step. The injections temporarily immobilise the muscles. As a result, the muscles relax, and the skin no longer contracts. Crow's feet are smoothed out and you get a fresh, plumped-up eye contour.

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30 Minutes
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How does the treatment of crow's feet work?

In the treatment of crow's feet, a muscle relaxant is injected into the muscles of the targeted eye area to relax them. The result is a smooth, rejuvenated eye contour.

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The benefits of crow's feet treatment


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By injecting muscle relaxants, crow's feet can be smoothed effectively. The result is almost immediate: the skin around the eyes is plumped up.


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Treatment of crow's feet produces natural results, an even appearance of the skin and slows down the ageing process.


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The crow's feet treatment smoothes facial expressions around the eyes and gives a fresher, younger appearance.

Treatment of crow's feet

At HAIR & SKIN, we make your dream of smooth, radiant skin come true while enhancing your natural beauty.

Other areas for muscle relaxant injections

For particularly effective wrinkle treatment, addressing crow's feet can be optimally combined with other facial wrinkle treatments.

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