Free Skin Analysis

Concerned about wrinkles, small scars, or dark circles? During your free consultation, our doctors will conduct a VISIA® skin analysis, working with you to create a personalized treatment plan for your specific skin concerns – no obligation or hidden costs involved.

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Unique skin, unique needs

There are many reasons why your skin can look tired, uneven or blemished.

When seeking a solution to your skin problems, our medical team conducts a free skin analysis as the initial step to assess the quality of your skin.

We will then discuss with you about your skincare routine recommendations and what your path to smoother and more vital skin could look like.

VISIA® - Professional Skin Analysis

Professional skin analysis with VISIA® from world market leader Canfield Scientific provides fascinating insights into the different layers of the skin. The innovative system has now been further developed in its 7th generation and goes beyond the mere observation of the skin surface. VISIA® Gen7 makes it possible to analyse the skin in depth like never before.

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Advantages of VISIA® skin analysis

Holistic analysis

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VISIA® offers a holistic and comprehensive skin analysis. It looks at various skin aspects such as wrinkles, pigmentation, texture, pore size and UV damage.

Personalised treatment plans

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The analysis provides detailed information about your current skin health. Based on this, personalised treatment plans can be created for your dream skin and give you the best skincare advice.

Advanced technology

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VISIA® uses AI technology and advanced technologies such as UV light, high-resolution facial images and complex image analysis algorithms to deliver accurate and reliable results.

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Start your journey

Every step of your journey is crucial to achieving exceptional, enduring, and natural results.

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    VISIA® skin analysis

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Your medical staff

At HAIR & SKIN you benefit from the highest Swiss quality standards and strictest hygiene measures.

Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of dermatology and are highly trained in the field of skin treatments.

Our aim is to proceed with the utmost precision and care to ensure aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking results, make your treatment comfortable and leave nothing to be desired.

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     During your entire treatment with us, you will be looked after by one of our physicians. Our team of doctors is also there for you at all times for follow-up checks or any complications.

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    Medical Assistant

    The medical assistant is your first point of contact in the clinic. They ensure that your treatment runs smoothly and support the doctor.


Super friendly and professional from start to finish. The skin analysis opened my eyes to how my skin really is. The treatment plan was tailored to me and I'm already looking forward to getting started soon. 100% recommendation.


Free skin analysis

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Book Your Free Skin Analysis

During a no-obligation consultation, our medical team will carry out a skin analysis to create a suitable treatment plan for you.

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Free Skin Analysis