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Why Bearded Guys Have More Success in Life

Why Bearded Guys Have More Success in Life

Miriam Otero

3 min

November 16, 2023

Many men have probably asked themselves if a beard is more attractive to women. After all, it is rumoured that bearded men are more masculine and mature, and that they even have a deeper character and higher intelligence.

Allegedly, some women find beards attractive because they associate them with certain personality traits such as self-confidence or social dominance.

Did you know that beards are supposedly more popular in business settings than shaved faces? Read on to discover more about the benefits of full facial hair and the latest news about beardedness at a higher level, backed up by not just one new study, but several.

Are well-groomed beards really a sign of masculinity and better social status?

Dating: this is how a beard appeals to women

Whether it is a well-groomed three-day beard similar to George Clooney's, a trendy hipster moustache as worn by Johnny Depp or a wild full beard in the style of Jason Momoa: facial hair in its various forms is and remains THE trend accessory for men – among Hollywood stars as well as "regular guys".

Women are also enthusiastic about the trend for full, well-groomed facial hair. Or do they prefer clean-shaven faces?

According to a study conducted by psychologist Barnaby J. Dixson, which appeared in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology in 2016, bearded men are particularly attractive to women, especially for long-term relationships.

As part of the study, 8520 women were asked to categorise photos of male faces based on attractiveness. The same faces were edited using Photoshop: in one case they were shown with a full beard, in another with little beard, with stubble and clean-shaven.

The men with a full beard and little beard were rated as particularly attractive by the women surveyed.

A study conducted by the University of Queensland in 2015 also confirms that bearded men are more sexually attractive to women than men without beards.

The study's researchers assume that this is due to the fact that women subconsciously assume that men with strong beard growth produce larger amounts of the sex hormone dihydrotestosterone and are therefore more potent.

Another study conducted by researchers at McMasters University in Canada in 2014 underlines this result by recognising that men with a full beard appear more trustworthy, which could contribute to women's perception of them as better fathers.

Advantages of bearded men in the business world

It is not only in dating that a beard is beneficial, it can also help you get ahead professionally. The aforementioned psychologist Dixson found in one of his many studies on the subject of facial hair that bearded men are said to have a particularly high level of social dominance and mental maturity.

Linking this to the professional context: a 2014 study conducted by Erasmus University Rotterdam and the University of Amsterdam confirmed, based on 216 test subjects, that men wearing a beard in their job application photos were rated as particularly educated and competent in their field.

So dear men: put down the razor, let your facial hair grow and dedicate yourself to grooming your beard.

However, please note: a beard is only considered a full beard if hair covers the cheeks and chin all the way to the upper lip. If there are bald patches or holes in the beard hair, this can quickly look unkempt and should perhaps be maintained with a close shave.

Masculinity as a cultural concept

The scientific studies discussed above indicate that bearded men are more attractive to women and have some advantage in the business world due to their facial hair. Facial hair is often associated with masculinity in many cultures.

However, it is important to note that masculinity is a complex and multi-layered concept and that facial hair does not necessarily make a man more or less masculine. Masculinity is a cultural construct that varies from time to time and place to place.

What is considered masculine can differ from one culture to another. In some cultures, a beard is seen as a symbol of masculinity, while in others it is not so highly valued.

Ultimately, the question of whether or not a beard makes a man appear more masculine is a subjective judgement that can depend on a variety of factors, including personal preference and cultural norms.

Your insider tip for the perfect beard

If a full, gapless beard is important to you, then HAIR & SKIN is the right choice for you. The Swiss market leader in hair transplants and autologous blood treatments also offers beard hair transplants as a permanent solution for the perfect beard.

Beard hair transplantation at HAIR & SKIN

Whether a three-day beard, full beard or moustache – if you are longing for strong and healthy facial hair, you are well advised to have a professional procedure. You will finally no longer have to reluctantly reach for the razor to conceal your bald patches.

Sounds good, right? But how does a beard hair transplant actually work?

A beard hair transplant is similar to a scalp hair transplant. There is always a consultation at the beginning. The doctor in charge will talk to you about your problems, wishes and ideas. You will then be advised on your medical options.

Your future beard will be provisionally drawn on your face to determine your ideal result.

A personalised approach is essential during the consultation. The doctor takes both face shape and existing beard hair into account during the process. After all, the transplants should blend in seamlessly with your existing beard and facial appearance.

What comes next is the transplantation. After local anaesthesia, individual hair follicles are removed from the donor area at the back of the head. There are good reasons for this: the hair roots at the back of the head are the closest to beard hair. Both thickness and structure are similar.

Another plus: hair from the back of the head is resistant to the hair loss hormone dihydrotestosterone.

The doctors and transplant surgeons now prepare the donor hair and store it temporarily in a saline solution. This ensures that the transplants are only minimally cut off from the natural nutrient supply, which significantly increases their survival chances.

In the next step, they carefully study the transplants. They scrutinise them for strength and vigour. Any hairs that are too fine are removed as a precaution.

Next, the team takes care of the recipient area. This is where the skin areas are prepared for the transplants. This involves opening tiny channels in the facial skin into which the grafts will later be inserted.

The utmost care and precision is required when preparing the recipient area. This is the only way to effectively avoid visible scars and ensure a perfect result.

This is followed by the main part of the treatment. Individual hair roots are carefully inserted into the channels that have just been opened in the face – one after the other. Particular attention is paid to the hair growth direction so that the result looks as natural and smooth as possible.

Good to know: Patients need to schedule several hours for a beard hair transplant. The precise duration of the procedure is individual. It depends entirely on the degree of hair loss and the patient's wishes.

Patients remain conscious throughout the procedure. They can even talk to the staff, read or watch television.

A long regeneration phase is not necessary after the transplant. Patients are fully able to socialise again the very next day and can carry out their everyday tasks almost without restriction. Only sauna sessions, sunbathing and sporting activities are not recommended for the first two to four weeks.

The first results become apparent around one to six months after the treatment. Initially, the freshly transplanted hair roots in the beard area will be lost.

No need to panic, however: the hair that has fallen out will gradually grow back a short time later. Step by step, the beard gains in fullness, freshness and masculinity.

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