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Autologous Blood Treatment For Hair

Autologous Blood Treatment For Hair

Medical Director Dr. Hans-Georg Dauer

9 min

March 10, 2021

There’s more to full and shiny hair than just a good head coverage. It is a symbol of beauty, youth and vitality. When the hair glows, so do we. But what if we suddenly lose this icon staple of ours?

Hair loss robs us of our volume and self-confidence. Women in particular have a hard time with this problem.

But there’s good news: Modern treatments for hair loss are fully capable of restoring our once lost self-confidence.

When it comes to skin treatment, the best example is autologous blood treatment, also known as vampire lifting.

No, don’t worry: we’re not talking about greedy bloodsuckers waving black capes here. It’s actually a secret weapon for enhanced hair growth.

What is Autologous Blood Treatment?

The autologous blood treatment, also known as autohaemotherapy, uses the patient’s own blood and is intended to effectively stimulate stagnant hair growth.

But autohaemotherapy does not only work wonders for hair loss. It is also highly appreciated in dermatology. Autologous blood treatment perfectly conceals wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and acne scars.

Even in the case of prominent surgical scars, this gentle treatment achieves amazing results.

Fun fact: Word of the rejuvenating secret treatment has long since spread all around Hollywood. From It-girl Kim Kardashian to top model Bar Refaeli – the bloody trend is very popular in the dream factory.

Effects of the Therapy

The secret of the success of autologous blood treatment is the extracted blood platelets, better known as thrombocytes. They are genuine all-rounders. They are packed with valuable nutrients and important growth factors.

Exactly these nutrients and proteins are a valuable treat for the hair roots in our scalp. They gratefully absorb the power package.

The results don’t take long to unfold: Shortly after the autologous blood treatment, cell regeneration starts quickly. The scalp starts to look its best again.

We owe the positive effects of the treatment mostly to the platelets. It has been proven that their precious growth factors stimulate the hair roots.

The growth factors accelerate the change from the resting phase to the growth phase and also extend the growth phase (click here for the original study).

Their strength united leads to the formation of new strong hairs, which is clearly visible in the density of the hair. Gradually, youthful freshness returns to the head.

But that’s not all: at the same time, the growth factors of the platelets promote blood circulation and vascularization of the capillaries around the hair roots.

As a result, they switch into turbo mode. The sluggish hair growth awakens from its hibernation and pushes the pedal to the metal to really get going.

This is how autologous blood treatments start a medical revolution: hair growth starts moving on its own – without any chemical or synthetic aids. The body needs nothing more than its self-healing powers.

Cell renewal is not considered the fountain of youth for the hair roots for nothing.

Science can only confirm this effect: An Italian study with 1033 test persons examined the effects of autologous blood treatment on androgenetic diffuse hair loss. And the result provides hope:

In about 80 percent of the patients, their hair density visibly increased after the treatment. But there was more to it than just that: 93 percent of the participants even experienced a noticeable increase in hair thickness.

Procedure of an Autologous Blood Treatment

Getting Ready – Considerations Before the Treatment

  • Washing the hair: Before the treatment begins, the patient can wash their hair, but it is not absolutely necessary. Other than that, the treatment day looks just like any other.

    Until shortly before the treatment, even the intake of food with coffee and tea is possible without any further complications.

  • Medication: Immediately before the treatment, the patient may take medication as a precaution. But beware: Certain medications can inhibit the vitality of the blood, thus rendering autologous blood therapy ineffective.

    Therefore, the following medications should not be taken for 7 days before autohaemotherapy: ASA (Aspirin), Voltaren, Ibuprofen or similar painkillers and rheumatism medication of the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID).

    However, it is possible to take paracetamol or novalgin/metamizole.

  • Preparation of blood: A small amount of blood is collected from the patient’s arm and centrifuged to prepare it for injection.

The Core – the Autologous Blood Treatment

  • Injection with blood platelets: Now the freshly prepared blood is placed into the scalp. With the help of injections, the treating doctor applies the patient’s own blood into the tissue of the scalp.

  • Good news: Anesthesia of the scalp is not absolutely necessary for autologous blood treatment. After all, it is only a “minor” procedure. However, anesthesia is of course possible upon request.

  • Minimal risk of injury: Thanks to the gentle procedure, no scars remain on the scalp. The small stitches usually heal without leaving a trace.

  • The duration of treatment: An autologous blood treatment takes about 30 minutes on average. Depending on the cause of the hair loss, about five individual sessions are recommended on average – but with a time interval of at least three to four weeks.

    This allows the scalp enough time for the body’s own regeneration to do its thing.

  • A double is better than a single: For a youthful, fresh and long-lasting result, it is worth refreshing the autologous blood treatment every six months.

  • A pistol instead of a needle: The meso pistol is much more precise than its manual equivalent, especially in terms of injection depth and injection dose.

    It injects the patient’s own blood into the targeted problem areas. The prepared blood is distributed all the more evenly in the tissue of the scalp.

Almost Done – After Treatment

Since autohaemotherapy is a particularly gentle treatment, no long regeneration time is necessary.

Immediately after the procedure, the patient is ready to travel and socialize. Even regular hairstyling is possible without any problems. However, we recommend waiting about one day with this.

There is only one thing to keep in mind after the hair loss treatment: The patient should wait six to eight hours before washing their hair.

Otherwise, the freshly treated areas could get unnecessarily irritated.

Autologous Blood Treatment Against Hair Loss

Considering autologous blood treatment to treat hair loss is a good question, for which we need to elaborate a little further.

When we are young, our bodies can easily cope with degradation processes and cell damage. With age however, this changes.

Suddenly, we have less and less to resist the processes of aging. And at some point we simply can’t keep up. The effects of time become visible – especially in the skin and hair.

Our collagen production in particular starts to falter with age. From the age of 30, we lose about 1 percent of collagen tissue per year. And the less collagen our skin has available, the faster it loses firmness and elasticity.

This is exactly where autohaemotherapy steps in. It specifically stops the age-related degradation processes in the body.

It uses two secret weapons – nutrients and growth factors. They effectively stimulate the body’s own elastane, collagen and hyaluronic acid production.

By the way, autohaemotherapy activates the cell regeneration of the hair roots and provides the tissue with valuable new stem cells.

Both processes are considered a jackpot for hair growth. It has been proven that they stimulate the scalp tissue and give hair growth a real boost. At last, the scalp comes back to life.

Seek Treatment at The Right Time

The golden rule in dermatology: the sooner, the better. It is best to start treatment immediately after the diagnosis of hair loss.

The sooner the damaged hair roots receive the blood treatment, the quicker and stronger the success of the treatment will be.

Is the hair loss already further developed? Then the treatment requires more time and patience.

The reason: the hair roots are already more damaged and need more regeneration time. In this case, hair transplantation might be a good option.

Side Effects

Good news: Since autologous blood treatment relies on a particularly gentle procedure without any chemical or synthetic agents, it is tolerated remarkably well. Experiencing any side effects is an absolute exception.

Only in isolated cases, patients have reported minor redness, swelling and bruising in the treatment area. However, there is no reason for concern here. Generally, the mini-injuries heal on their own within a few days.

Allergic reactions and intolerances are practically impossible with autologous blood treatment. After all, it is a treatment with your own blood. Which your body is very familiar with. There is no reason to reject it.

The patient does not have to fear any kind of invigorating pain – especially not with a meso pistol. Gently and with a slight sting, it transports the patient’s own blood to the desired zones on the scalp.

Overall, the healing process with autologous blood treatment is remarkably fast and smooth. If you allow the freshly treated scalp to rest for a few hours, it will soon be back to its old self.

Avoid extensive sunbathing, sports and saunas for about 24 hours. Then, nothing stands in the way of proper healing.

Autohaemotherapy After a Hair Transplant

Often, autologous blood treatment does not occur on its own. Many hair loss patients combine it with a hair transplant – for good reason. The nutrient-rich blood concentrate stimulates healing and hair growth:

  • The autologous blood treatment boosts the transplanted hair and protects the remaining, non-transplanted hair from falling out.
  • Furthermore, the blood treatment stimulates the healing processes and tissue repair after the hair transplant. The micro-injuries heal faster.
  • In addition, autohaemotherapy strengthens inactive hair roots and thus prevents further hair loss.


Shortly after the first autologous blood treatment you will see the first results – but you will only notice visible results after about three months.

All of a sudden, we lose significantly less hair. And of course this can be noticed on the top of your head. The hair becomes stronger, more voluminous and more lively.

Hair loss is visibly reduced, leaving the hair coat with a much fresher and more youthful impression.

Fortunately, nature can now be given a little boost. If you have four sessions carried out at intervals of three to four weeks, you will increase the success of the treatment. The hair not only grows faster, but also stronger.

Where Can I get Autologous Blood Treatment?

Are you considering getting autologous blood treatment? Then HAIR & SKIN is the right choice for you. First of all, a detailed medical examination is carried out.

The doctor performs a precise analysis of the condition of your hair. What type of hair loss is present and how far has it progressed?

This is followed by a consultation. The doctor provides you with detailed information about autohaemotherapy – starting with the procedure, possible risks and side effects, and ending with the costs.

If you are still interested in the minimally invasive procedure after the consultation, you can arrange a time for the treatment at your convenience.

It is very well possible that one session does not suffice. Often the desired result can only be achieved with several autologous blood treatments.

The more nutrient-rich blood the scalp absorbs, the greater the success of the treatment.

Autologous Blood Treatment at HAIR & SKIN

Are you interested in autohaemotherapy? There’s only one thing missing for a fresh, youthful hair coat: the right doctor.

This is where we can be of service. HAIR & SKIN relies on a strong network of experienced doctors and transplanters.

With expertise, vision and passion, they help your tired hair finally grow – using the most up-to-date medical equipment, of course.

Perfect, isn’t this exactly what you were looking for? Then contact HAIR & SKIN today and find the right contact person for your autologous blood treatment.

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