Scars treatment

Effective treatment of scars such as acne scars or scars on hands or décolleté - thanks to natural stimulation of cell regeneration.

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Advantages of Medical Meedling

  • Fast, minimally invasive, safe and effective
  • Effective even on deeper scars
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • No downtime

How exactly does medical needling help against scars?

A Medical Needling with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a gentle and natural method used to improve scar tissue. The needling procedure, in conjunction with autologous blood sub-injection, has been proven to promote cell renewal in the skin - all without the use of chemicals or synthetics.

In medical needling with PRP, your skin is perforated with fine needles from the needling pen. The needles specifically penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, inflicting clean micro-injuries and thus irritating the receptors. This stimulates the body's self-healing powers, causing activation of collagen fibers. For an even better effect, your own blood plasma is incorporated into the skin to further stimulate collagen formation. The combination of the two ensures that existing scar tissue is ""injured"" and the body's own cell healing is stimulated again. The result: scars are filled in a natural way and the skin's appearance becomes smoother and more vital.

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  • Blood sampling

  • Preparation of blood in the centrifuge

  • Isolation from nutrient-rich plasma

  • Micro perforation of the skin with the needling pen

Blood sampling
Preparation of the blood in the centrifuge
Isolation from nutrient-rich blood plasma
Injection into the affected areas

Your medical needling with PRP for better skin

If you want a natural anti-ageing method that also leaves your skin glowing, then we recommend our medical needling with PRP. For the best and fastest results, we recommend four treatments at intervals of one month. This way you can look forward to fresh and radiant skin in no time at all.
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  2. Skin analysis and consultation

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  3. Medical Needling with PRP

    Perforation of the skin by the fine needles of the needling pen in combination with your blood plasma

  4. Repetitions

    For the best and fastest result, we recommend four treatments, each one month apart.

Medical Needling

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