Remove dark circles

Injecting dark circles under the eyes for a fresh, recovered eye area. Medical Needling as a solution against eye circles.

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Frau mit glatter, faltenfreier Haut

The advantages of Medical Needling

  • Freshness kick for the eyes
  • Without foreign body injection (as is the case with camouflage, for example)
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Fast, minimally invasive, safe and effective
  • No downtime

How exactly does Medical Needling help against dark circles?

Our own blood helps to get rid of dark circles. In this case we speak of PRP therapy (Platelet-rich plasma).

In this gentle eye ring treatment, ten milliliters of the patient's own blood are first taken and processed. In the process, the coveted platelet-rich plasma is filtered out of the fluid. It is precisely this nutrient- and protein-rich treasure that gives tired skin a powerful energy boost.

An anesthetic cream is then applied, which lasts for 15 minutes, making the treatment painless.

Then, with the help of fine needles, the doctor injects the platelet-rich blood plasma into the lower skin layers of the dark circles. The proteins and nutrients in the blood plasma take care of the rest. In no time at all, they replenish the sagging skin. The dark circles fade and the complexion looks fresher, more rested and youthful.

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Your medical needling with PRP for better skin

If you want a natural anti-ageing method that also leaves your skin glowing, then we recommend our medical needling with PRP. For the best and fastest results, we recommend four treatments at intervals of one month. This way you can look forward to fresh and radiant skin in no time at all.
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  2. Skin analysis and consultation

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  3. Medical Needling with PRP

    Perforation of the skin by the fine needles of the needling pen in combination with your blood plasma

  4. Repetitions

    For the best and fastest result, we recommend four treatments, each one month apart.

Medical Needling

from CHF 40.–/month

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