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Injecting dark circles for a fresh, recovered eye area. Medical Needling is the solution.

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Goodbye to bags under the eyes & dark circles

Dark circles make us look tired, overworked or sickly. Conditions that are certainly common in our everyday lives. But if this "look" persists even after getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet or going on holiday, you should seek advice on a Medical Needling treatment.

What is the first step towards a fresh, healthier appearance? A free consultation including a free skin analysis.

How does Medical Needling work?

Your own blood helps to get rid of dark circles. In this case, we are talking about PRP therapy (platelet-rich plasma). In this natural treatment, 10 ml of the patient's own blood is taken and processed. The platelet-rich plasma is filtered out of the fluid. This nutrient and protein-rich treasure gives the tired skin a powerful energy boost.

An anaesthetic cream is then applied and left to work for 15 minutes, making the treatment painless. Using the finest needles, a doctor injects the platelet-rich blood plasma into the lower layers of the skin around the dark circles. The proteins and nutrients in the blood plasma plump up the sagging skin area, dark circles fade and the complexion appears more refreshed and youthful.

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Benefits of the Medical Needling Treatment

Regeneration of the cells

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The treatment boosts cell renewal and collagen production, leaving your eye area looking fresh and natural.

Revitalisation of the skin

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The important vital substances from the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) work directly in your problem areas thanks to medical needling.

Reduction of dark circles

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Medical needling is used to lighten the dark colour of dark circles - all without surgery.

Medical Needling At the Swiss Market Leader

  • Fast, minimally invasive, safe and effective
  • No downtime
  • Suitable for all types of skin
  • Effective even for deep scars

How much does Medical Needling cost?

Transparent prices are very important to us. You will find all of our prices on our website - without having to give us your contact details. Medical needling treatments need repetitions for a visible result.

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Basic package incl. dark circles

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from CHF 125.–/month

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Book your Free Skin Analysis

During a no-obligation consultation, our medical team will carry out a free skin analysis to create a suitable treatment plan for you to combat dark circles under the eyes.