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Clascoterone, better known by its brand name 'Breezula', is emerging as the potential 'new Minoxidil' in hair loss treatments.

Clascoterone stands out in early trials for its ability to boost hair density and slow hair loss, doing so without the systemic side effects often seen with similar treatments. Unlike many treatments, the topical treatment targets hormonal pathways specifically at your scalp, minimizing overall body exposure.

While no serious side effects have been reported yet, it’s important to note that Breezula isn’t FDA-approved yet and is currently going through Phase 3 clinical trials. This stage is crucial for determining if it’s safe and effective before it can be widely recommended.

According to its press release, the manufacturer Cosmo Pharma plans to get approval for Breezula as a hair loss medication in the US and EU markets by the end of 2026.