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Both the consultation and control appointments at HAIR & SKIN are free of charge and without obligation. You pay only for your treatment. We accept most payment methods. Payment by installments is also possible.

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HAIR & SKIN clinics have nothing to do with the ordinary appearance of a clinic. Here, modern architecture meets sleek design. Precision and aesthetics are very much in the foreground.

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Hair Transplantation

Nikitas, 28 years old

Long Hair Transplantation

I'm so glad I did that here in Switzerland. Definitely.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What method of hair transplants does HAIR & SKIN offer?

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    We perform hair transplants exclusively performing the FUE method. With this method, hair follicles, or grafts, are removed individually with a very fine hollow needle. The follicles are transplanted to the new location immediately after removal. The small extraction holes of the hollow needle grow back within a very short time after the procedure.

    Advantages of this method of operation:

    • A complete shave is not necessary with the FUE method (but recommended). Only the donor area at the back of the head is shaved.
    • We "harvest" hair follicles gently, without cutting out skin with a scalpel.
    • No visible scars remain.
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