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Vampire Lifting: Procedure, Costs & Experiences

Vampire Lifting: Procedure, Costs & Experiences

Medical Director Dr. Hans-Georg Dauer

8 min

September 8, 2021

Yeah, we get it: When we think of vampire lifting, the first thing that comes to mind is Dracula and Twilight. But far from it: it's actually the latest beauty trend from Hollywood. From style icon Kim Kardashian to supermodel Bar Refaeli, the rich and beautiful have long been smitten with this bloody hype.

Even on Instagram and TikTok, Hollywood stars diligently provide their followers with photos of their bloodied-up faces. But why do they do this to themselves? It's simple: self-blood treatments are all the rage in aesthetic medicine.

The platelet-rich plasma gives the skin the ultimate energy boost. Sounds interesting… maybe this would be something for you too? Then stay tuned and get to know the new Dracula trend from A to Z.

And don't panic: Even weak nerves can stand it without any problems. Because this Dracula number is not a scary number for a change.

What is a Vampire Lift Anyway?

The Vampire Lift or PRP treatment is a gentle and natural rejuvenation treatment for your skin. The minimally invasive therapy has been proven to promote cell renewal and thus counteract minor blemishes on your skin - without any chemical or synthetic additives.

But, wait a minute: Is the vampire lift actually a lift? Not necessarily, the name is indeed a little misleading. Since the treatment is entirely without cuts and scalpels, it is not a lift in the classic sense. Rather, the name refers to the lifting effect. After just a few sessions, the skin hair makes a much fresher, younger and livelier impression - just like with a classic lift.

The innovative lifting principle: Autohemotherapy gently and effectively boosts the body's own collagen production. Did you know that collagen is the key to your youthfulness and vitality?

The more collagen our skin has at its disposal, the more firm and elastic it is. But there is a small problem: with age, the natural collagen production of our body decreases step by step. The skin loses its elasticity and smoothness. Now wrinkles, furrows and lines have an easy game.

Lucky for us, we do not have to succumb to the creeping aging process helplessly. The Vampire Lifting allows us to turn back time a little bit. With the nutrient-rich blood plasma full of valuable nutrients and growth factors, we treat our skin to a gentle rejuvenation cure and thus a wonderful alternative to the classic injections in our wrinkles.

Immediately after the treatment, the freshly administered platelets in our skin tissue work at full speed. And their efforts really do pay off. The elasticity comes, the wrinkles disappear. The complexion looks fresh and refreshed again - as if it had just come from a relaxing holiday.

How Exactly Does a Vampire Lift Work?

1. Information and relief

Every vampire lift is preceded by a detailed consultation with a doctor. During this consultation, the physician first gets an initial picture of the skin structure. How far have the aging processes already progressed in the patient and is the PRP treatment even the optimal form of therapy? If the treating physician can recommend the PRP treatment with a clear conscience, he will inform the patient in detail about the procedure, the success of the therapy as well as about possible risks and side effects. In return, the patient has the opportunity to ask questions and express doubts.

2. The treatment

The be-all and end-all of PRP treatment is Platelet Rich Plasma, the blood plasma. But the physician needs to get a hold of this first. That is exactly why he starts the vampire lifting by taking a blood sample. But there's no need to panic: Only a small amount of blood is required for this.

As little as 20 to 30 milliliters from a selected vein are sufficient for one session. Immediately after the blood sample is taken, the attending physician carefully prepares the freshly drawn blood. Using a special centrifuge, he filters out the precious platelet-rich blood plasma and prepares it for injection.

But why only this platelet-rich blood plasma? What about the rest? It's simple: this is exactly where plenty of beneficial growth factors are hiding, which your skin literally craves. To put this in numbers: Platelet-rich plasma contains eight times as many platelets as the rest of your blood.

Of course, the anesthesia has also been thought of. The doctor numbs the treatment areas on the skin with a special anesthetic cream. This makes the entire procedure particularly pleasant and painless. Anesthesia is not a requirement though.

In the next step, the physician brings the freshly obtained blood plasma of the patient under the skin. For this purpose, he uses ultra-fine special needles or a meso pistol. In several small doses, he administers the rich nutrient mixture to the tissue under the skin.

Speaking of nutrients and proteins: Those who want to gently support the success of the treatment, upgrade the vampire lifting with other proven forms of therapy. Mesotherapy, stem cell treatment or microneedling are particularly well suited for combination. They skillfully enrich the high-quality nutrient and protein complex with important active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or collagen.

The exact treatment time always depends on the size of the respective skin area. As a rule of thumb, a session can be expected to take about 30 minutes. If the patient is not completely satisfied with the result after the first treatment, follow-up treatments are worthwhile. In general, experts advise four sessions at intervals of at least four weeks.

3. The aftercare

The Vampire Lift is a minimally invasive form of therapy that is always performed on an outpatient basis. In other words, the patient can leave the doctor’s office immediately after the procedure and recover at home in peace.

At best, the patient cools the treated skin areas with ice packs for the first few days as a precaution. This can be used to reliably contain redness. Swelling and bruising are extremely rare during PRP treatment. If they do occur, adequate rest is recommended. The symptoms usually subside on their own within a few days.

Overall, doctors recommend a calm and anticipatory lifestyle after the procedure:

Refrain from sports, hot baths, makeup and face masks for at least one day.

Sauna sessions and facial peels are not advisable for the next two days.

Protect your skin from direct sunlight for at least three days. Solarium visits are also not recommended directly after vampire lifting.

When Does Vampire Lifting Make Sense?

Anti-Aging Effect

The greatest appeal of PRP therapy is in anti-aging. Proven to smooth, tighten, and refresh tired and sagging facial skin, Vampire Lifting is a great treatment. It is not without reason that it is considered a rejuvenation cure - a particularly gentle rejuvenation cure. Thus, it has rightly established itself as a popular counterpart to Botox & Co. Without any neurotoxins, it peps up the skin's appearance.

Skin Blemishes

In the case of prominent visual blemishes, vampire lifting is now used just as frequently - especially for noticeable stretch marks. The gentle therapy has also become very popular for acne and acne scars. PRP therapy even works wonders in wound healing. It tactfully gets the body's own healing processes going.

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Medical Needling

From CHF 100.–/month


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When Will I Look Socially Acceptable Again After Getting a Vampire Lift?

Don't worry: after an autologous blood treatment you will quickly get back on your feet. Shortly after the minimally invasive procedure without anesthesia you can leave the practice again. It is sufficient if you recover at home for the next few days.

Conversely, this means for you: You are immediately fit to travel and socialize again. Only in isolated cases do patients complain of painful redness, swelling and bruising after the treatment.

Allergic reactions and intolerances are also an absolute rarity with vampire lifting. As a rule, your body accepts your own blood excellently. But still, a clarifying conversation before the therapy can not hurt. Talk to the doctor you trust to avoid possible allergies and intolerances.

Good to know: If you suffer from redness, swelling or bruising after your vampire lift, it's tempting to cover up the little blemishes with makeup. But wait a minute: Please avoid cosmetics completely for the first few days after your procedure. Aggressive chemical ingredients could only irritate the irritated areas even more. Less is definitely more after PRP therapy.

How Much Does a Vampire Lift Cost?

At HAIR & SKIN a vampire lifting, also called PRP treatment or autohemotherapy skin, costs CHF 2500 in the total package. This means you have six sessions at intervals of four weeks.

We do not offer individual medical needling treatments since they need repetitions for a wonderfully visible result.

Vampire Lifting - Anything but Count Dracula

What initially sounds like a horror movie with vampires and werewolves is actually the latest hype in the beauty industry. Because, honestly, who doesn't seek a protein boost from their own body? Just a few drops of our own blood will send your skin into a well-deserved rejuvenation cure.

Whether for hereditary acne scars or stretch marks - the bloody trend à la Count Dracula peps up tired areas effortlessly - without any cuts or scalpel. Freshening up can be so easy.

Perfect, and this is just what you were missing for your skin routine. Now you just need the right doctor on your side. Let us be of service for you. At HAIR & SKIN a top-class team of doctors is at your disposal.

Experience, technical innovation and sensitivity are not just a promise with us. They are the reality. It’s best that you find out and convince yourself. How about an initial consultation?