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Removing Dark Circles: Causes & Treatment

Removing Dark Circles: Causes & Treatment

Medical Director Dr. Hans-Georg Dauer

October 21, 2021

Have you had a rough night, been out partying all night, or just stressed out from work? The visibly dark shadows under our eyes are inviting unwanted remarks.

Sometimes the purple lines below the eyelids catch the eye from afar, which also isn’t necessarily helpful.

But not only the ambiguous low blows from our friends, family and colleagues give us a hard time. Our self-confidence also plummets from the shadows under our eyes.

Because let's be honest: Is there anyone who really feels comfortable with dark, baggy circles on their face? A fresh, alert and lively look is definitely achieved in a different way.

Fortunately, the uninvited appendages can be treated quickly, easily and effectively. And we at HAIR & SKIN just happen to know the secret to success against tired, baggy circles under the eyes. With our tips and tricks, you can effortlessly remove dark circles and get your dewy look back in no time.

Circles Under the Eyes - What are They Actually?

Unfortunately, dark circles are anything but a feast for the eyes. The dark shadows in the lower eyelid make us look tired, sickly and worn out. There is no trace of freshness and vitality. But how do bags under the eyes actually come about?

The dark coloring of the eye area comes about in very different ways. Often the lower eyelid area is slightly sunken. This indent is precisely what casts a dark shadow under our eyes and makes us look tired.

Not infrequently, the skin color is also to blame for the eye ring. When small veins in the lower eyelid area show through the skin to a noticeable extent, the skin color changes. It appears noticeably darker - from a delicate purple to a deep violet.

It's also possible that swelling is the cause of this annoying blemish. Did you know that the sensitive tissue under the eye area swells quickly? And the more it swells, the thicker and darker your eyes appear.

If this happens to you more often than ever, it's worth getting to the bottom of this and having a talk with your trusted doctor to rule out possible diseases – just to be on the safe side.

How do Dark Circles Form in the First Place?


There are many different causes for the development of dark circles under the eyes. The number one cause is lack of sleep. Because the less sleep we get, the less oxygenated our blood is.

And it is precisely this lack of oxygen that makes our blood appear darker - sometimes even so dark that these pesty, noticeable shadows form under our eyes.

Alcohol & Nicotine

Nicotine and alcohol don't exactly mean well for our blood flow. On the contrary, the two agents slow down our blood flow. And the slower it circulates, the more likely the risk of having dark circles.

But don't worry: a glass of wine or a cigarette every now and then doesn't have to be atoned for immediately with dark shadows under the eyes. If kept within a normal limit, our body can easily cope with the pleasure.

It is only with heavy nicotine and alcohol consumption that our organism can no longer keep up. The metabolism is overloaded, skin aging progresses faster and dark circles under the eyes begin to appear.


Stress is a real thorn in the side of our eyes. Permanent tension is highly demanding for our body. Our cells lose water and develop small wrinkles. And it is precisely these small wrinkles that cause the unloved dark shadows under the eyes.

The reason: Our skin is dependent on moisture. This is the only way to keep it soft, supple and smooth. However, if it doesn’t get enough fluids, it becomes more transparent. The small veins under the thin skin become more visible. And tadaa, there they are - our dark circles.

Did you Know?

As we age, our skin automatically loses fluid. All the more reason for us to support and strengthen it. Drinking plenty of fluids (at least two liters a day) and use high-quality moisturizers with collagen and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin silky, youthful and smooth for longer.


Nutrition often plays a role in the formation of dark circles under the eyes. With dark shadows it gives us, so to speak, the confirmation of a vitamin, mineral, zinc or iron deficiency. It is not for nothing that the saying goes: You are what you eat. Eat these foods to be on the safe side:

  • Cucumbers

  • Watermelons

  • Tomatoes

  • Blueberries

  • Beetroots

  • Celery

  • Goji Berries

By the way: Especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding, a vitamin and iron deficiency is very likely to develop. All the more often, expecting or new mothers suffer from dark shadows under the eyes.

Signs of Skin Aging

Age is also not to be neglected when it comes to dark circles. On the contrary, the older we get, the thinner our skin becomes. Year after year, the lower-lying fat loses substance.

The result: our skin becomes flabbier and more transparent. Suddenly, the small bluish veins stand out more clearly in the lower eyelid and cast annoying shadows.

But that's not all: the tear trough, a narrow area on the inside of the infraorbital region, also gradually recedes with age. This also makes the eye area appear darker and shadier.


Genes also play their part in bags under the eyes. If we have naturally thin skin, the blood vessels in the lower eyelid simply shine through more strongly. The shadowy effect is in our genes, so to speak.

Bags under the eyes are also mostly genetically determined. If our connective tissue slackens, the fatty tissue under the eyes automatically sags as well. And the more it sags, the deeper the wrinkles. Dark shadows are pre-programmed.

But why does the connective tissue actually slacken? This is due to the lymphatic system. If this is disturbed, the lymph fluid can no longer drain properly. It looks for a way out and finds it in the tissue of the eyelid. This leads to a swelling, better known as a lacrimal sac.

Good to know: Puffy bags under the eyes look even more prominent and shadowy. Due to the swelling, the furrows in the lower eyelid become even more prominent.

Circles Under the Eyes due to Chronic Diseases

Most often, the causes of dark circles are harmless - not enough sleep, too few vitamins, too little exercise. But every so often, there is more behind it than just that.

In individual cases, dark shadows under the eyes indicate a serious, usually chronic disease. Especially with permanent disorders of the thyroid gland, kidney, gallbladder or liver, our eyes often cast deep shadows.

Often, the striking shades are waste products of our body. If our organism can no longer transport them smoothly through the veins and arteries due to a chronic disorder, they quickly deposit in the vessels under our eyes.

In liver diseases such as hepatitis, the eye area sometimes even appears yellowish. The yellow tint is caused by the pigment bilirubin. This is found in our body in chronic liver disorders. And especially at the eyes, where the skin is particularly thin, the yellow tint is noticeable.

If you can't get rid of your dark circles and notice other signs such as constant tiredness, nausea or vomiting, it's worth talking to your GP - better be safe than sorry.

What can I do About Dark Circles Under my Eyes?

We have good news: You don't have to deal with those dark shadows under your eyes forever. Luckily, the blemish can usually be treated without a hitch. And we'll show you how.

Make-Up - Remove Dark Circles

For light dark circles, grab your toiletry bag. Apply light make-up and conceal the shadows with a few simple dabs. Your complexion will look fresher, more vital and more awake in no time.

As is Generally Known, Double is Better than Single

For dark circles, use a concealer before the foundation. Spread the creamy texture evenly under the eye with a make-up sponge or your fingertips. Finish with a touch of foundation and, if necessary, powder. It's so easy to transform dark shadows into eyes filled with life.

Often we already have the solution to dark circles lying around at home. After a sleepless night, we revive ourselves with a shot of caffeine - be it with coffee, black or green tea, some mate or matcha.

Speaking of tea, black or green tea doesn't just go in our cup, but also directly on our eyes. Just grab a warm tea bag and place it on your dark circles for ten minutes. Alternatively, gently dab the problem areas with a few drops of black or green tea. The caffeine will perk up tired skin.

Cucumbers are not only a treat for the salad bowl, but also for the skin. In no time at all, the green miracle product provides the sagging eye area with an extra portion of moisture.

And the best of it all: cucumbers provide antioxidants for free. After all, cucumbers are real vitamin bombs. Simply place a thin slice of cucumber on the closed eye for 15 minutes, wait and feel fresh.

Of course, the right cream also works wonders against dark circles. Soothing eye creams with extra moisture and vitamins are just the pick-me-up your skin needs right now. Or how about cooling eye patches with gold ions? These little helpers get tired eyes instantly on their toes.

Injecting Dark Circles Under the Eyes With Hyaluron

Especially for deep dark circles, the expert often advises injections with hyaluronic acid. The non-invasive, highly effective method is the ideal alternative to surgery. Without any incisions and resulting scars, it refreshes and rejuvenates the eye area.

The principle: The physician injects hyaluron into the affected eye area with the finest needles. This gently lifts the sagging tear trough. And precisely because of this, the prominent shadows and eye rims move into the background.

Another plus: small wrinkles and bags under the eyes can also be effectively concealed when injected with hyaluron. Thus the face as a whole makes a visibly fresher and younger impression.

The non-invasive lower eyelid lift has long been a popular alternative to muscle relaxants. The main reason is the gentle procedure.

The therapy is so gentle on the skin that it leaves hardly any traces such as punctures, swelling and redness. This means that the patient is fully fit for social life again immediately after the treatment. There’s no long regeneration time after this kind of treatment.

Fighting Dark Circles With Your Own Fat

Good news: Fat is good for something after all. Because did you know that our fat deposits actively help us fight dark circles? Injections of our own fat have been proven to plump up wrinkles, lines and furrows for us. Finally, we have a youthful and freshly glowing complexion again.

The procedure is comparable to a classic liposuction. Under general anesthesia, the treating doctor extracts our own fat - mostly from extra-padded body regions such as the lower abdomen, the hips or the inner thighs.

Immediately afterwards, he carefully prepares the extracted fat for transplantation into the eye area. To do this, he fills the liquid into fine syringes and places it deep into the lower layers of the skin with the help of minimal incisions. He uses the autologous fat, so to speak, as a natural, well-tolerated filler of unsightly wrinkles and furrows.

Own Blood Treatment for Dark Circles

In addition to autologous fat, autologous blood also gives our dark circles a leg up. In this case we speak of autohaemotherapy or vampire lifting.

During the gentle eye ring treatment, ten milliliters of the patient's own blood are first taken and prepared. The physician carefully filters the blood to extract the nutrient- and protein-rich components that give tired skin a powerful energy boost.

Using the finest needles, the doctor injects the prepared blood into the lower layers of the skin. Then his part is done. The proteins and nutrients in the blood take care of the rest.

In no time at all, they replenish the sagging skin. The complexion looks fresher, more rested and more youthful.

HAIR & SKIN – Your Contact for Autologous Blood Treatment

Has autologous blood treatement raised your interest? But where on earth can I get this treatment done? After all, you do not give your skin into just anyone's hands.

Luckily, we have someone in mind for you. How about HAIR & SKIN? Our experienced team of trained doctors are experts in autologous blood treatments.

With a lot of expertise and sensitivity, they will fight your dark circles and give you a radiantly fresh complexion.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Then book a free consultation today and let us tell you about your medical options. We look forward to seeing you.

Goodbye Dark Circles – Welcome Fresh Complexion

Have your dark circles become your perpetual companion? All the way from your workplace to the mall to the trendy bar with your friends - the dark shadows won't leave your side. The only problem: You could do without the shadowy appendage with a clear conscience.

How about trying to get rid of this undesired appendage? With enough sleep, a balanced diet, prudent care and concealer and foundation, you can easily hide the blemish.

And if all else fails, luckily you can opt for an autologous blood treatment. With just a few drops of your own blood, you can finally leave your dark circles in the past.

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