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HAIR & SKIN beim Pressday 2024 von Contcept Communication

HAIR & SKIN beim Pressday 2024 von Contcept Communication

Isabelle Lederer

7 min

May 21, 2024

On April 11, 2024, PR agency Contcept Communication GmbH held its Press Day at the old cigarette factory (alten Cigarettenfabrik) in Zurich, Switzerland. Over 100 journalists, content creators, startups, digital marketing managers and media professionals were on site all day to discover the latest trends and innovations from the participating brands.

We were there with HAIR & SKIN at Press Day 2024 and are keen to share our experiences and impressions from the day. Enjoy reading!

HAIR & SKIN on Press Day 2024

Skin analyses for the visitors

At the HAIR & SKIN stand, guests were able to experience the world of personalized hair and skin care first-hand. Visitors had the opportunity to have a professional skin analysis to learn more about their skin type and the appropriate skincare routine. Awesome tools from brands like BaBybliss were at the ready for real-time hair consultations. Flyers and roll-ups were also provided to vividly present the various treatments and products.

HAIR & SKIN Goodie Bags

The goodie bags HAIR & SKIN filled with surprises were another event highlight. They were enthusiastically received by over 70 female content creators, bloggers and journalists who attended the event.

Networking and Content Creation

The Contcept Press Day 2024 provided an excellent opportunity for all participants to learn more about influencer marketing and exchange ideas with the industry media, bloggers and other brands. Thanks to the comprehensive media work from Contcept Communication (public relations agency) during the run-up to the event, including individual invitations and digital guest list management, the turnout was great. The program included:

  • Vegan Catering by Aris Guzman:
    The creative vegan catering sparked a lot of buzz and made for a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Musical performance by DJane Cris Trópica:
    DJane Cris Trópica created an exuberant atmosphere filled with Brazilian beats.
  • Laurent Perrier Champagne Bar:
    At the Laurent Perrier Bar, guests were able to enjoy champagne and wine while having a chat.
  • Canon keynotes with professional photographers:
    Canon hosted two exciting keynotes featuring professional photographers David Biedert and Nico Schaerer.
  • Goodie Bags for everyone:
    As everyone was leaving, each guest was presented with a goodie bag containing high-quality products.

Brand exposure and feedback from participants

Over 300 clippings were created on Press Day in many languages ranging from English, French, German and beyond. This means that we reach approximately 1,500,000 users across social networks. Instagram, TikTok (one of the fastest-growing social networks) and other social media channels in particular were full of enthusiastic posts, photos and videos after the event.

Comments such as “Sunny, warm, interesting” or “Loved it! Such a great day with awesome people” reflect the mood. Here are a few comments from social networks:

  • @dean.skitchen: "Loved it 😍❤️ such a great day with awesome people!"
  • @newinzurich: "Awesome event with a fantastic atmosphere!"

The faces behind Contcept

Contcept Communication is a PR agency founded by Barbara Ryter and Andreas Messerli. At Contcept Communication, the passion for good stories and creative content is apparent from the very first encounter. Something that is very important to us is that our clients are recognized as being successful in the eyes of the public.

The Contcept team is made up of experienced experts all having a background in journalism, along with extensive knowledge regarding all things social media and digital communication. Thanks to its extensive and dedicated network of media professionals, bloggers and influencers in the DACH region, the agency creates inspiring stories that resonate every day.

Conclusion: Already excited for next year!

Contcept Communication’s Press Day has established itself as a major platform for communication between brands and the media. Our participation allowed us to boost brand awareness and successfully present our expertise in the field of hair treatments (hair growth, hair follicles and hair loss) and skin treatments. Contcept Communication did a superb job on the organisation, which provided a first-class opportunity for us all to connect. Ready for a relaunch of this event? We certainly are and we’re already looking forward to Press Day 2025!