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Eyebrow Transplantation vs. Microblading

Eyebrow Transplantation vs. Microblading

Medical Director Dr. Hans-Georg Dauer

7 min

October 24, 2022

The power of our eyebrows should not be underestimated. Depending on their shape, they can contour the face and soften its features, or make them more prominent.

We all want perfectly curved and full eyebrows that aesthetically emphasise the look and give the face more depth. Eyebrows give every face a distinctive contour and emphasise our facial expressions.

And as we all know, natural brows à la Gigi Hadid or Rosie Huntington-Whitely have been trendy for many years. So it's no wonder that they have become more and more the focus of our make-up routine.

We comb, pluck and groom them or pay regular visits to our trusted beautician to get our brows in the perfect shape. The aim of this is to make our face stand out accordingly - whether for everyday life or for festivities - in order to be perceived positively by those around us.

But remember: Not only the aesthetic aspect plays a big role, but also the practical use of your eyebrows should not be underestimated. Our eyebrows protect the eyes from the entry of unwanted sweat, dust or other foreign bodies that restrict or even prevent vision. Consequently, it can be said that our eyebrows can be seen as a true all-rounder!

Unfortunately, many women as well as men suffer from patchy eyebrows. In the past, women in particular have often over-plucked their eyebrows as part of their beauty routine or even disfigured them with unprofessional permanent make-up for a longer period of time.

In addition, hereditary factors, injuries or burns as well as thyroid hormone deficiency can lead to hair loss. Exactly, correctly recognised, hair loss also occurs in the eyebrows.

Due to the similar nature of the eyebrow, we can also lose our essential eyebrow hairs in direct comparison with our hair. The reasons for eyebrow loss are therefore the same.

To counteract this "problem", there are now a wide variety of methods that fulfill the desire for fuller eyebrows.

Microblading - trend movement from back then

One of these numerous possibilities is microblading. Microblading is a modern way of giving eyebrows a perfect shape. This technique is a manual method of drawing hairs and thus an alternative to permanent make-up. The colour is pigmented into the eyebrow by hand with a series of blades, which traces the finest hairs.

Eyebrow transplant - back to nature

Another option to get your eyebrows looking their best is an eyebrow transplant. It achieves a very natural result and is completely up-to-date.

An eyebrow transplant (reconstruction of the entire eyebrow) or eyebrow thickening (filling in the bald areas of the eyebrow) is therefore the permanent solution for full, natural and expressive eyebrows for both: women and men.

In the following, we would like to show you how these two approaches differ and what advantages and disadvantages each method has.

What exactly is microblading?

Microblading is a professional treatment that corrects the shape of the eyebrows with the help of colour pigments or reconstructs a non-existent brow. This treatment - carried out by a beautician - is also called semi-permanent make-up.

The name "microblading" is derived from the name of the tiny needles, the so-called "blades", and the used filigree technique.

The beautician works on the first layer of skin using these blades, so that a visible 3D effect is created due to different colour tones, which touches up or re-models the eyebrows in terms of colouring, shape or length.

Nevertheless, the result of this type of long-lasting tattooing can appear bar-like and unnatural.

Especially if microblading is not done professionally, you may have to live with the consequences for a long time, and even if the shape is perfect, the brows often fade to greyish-blue shades.

And what is an eyebrow transplant?

An eyebrow transplant is closely related to the classic hair transplant.

A doctor specialising in eyebrow transplants removes hair follicles from the back of the head (donor area) and transplants them back immediately after removal, one by one, in the desired direction of the eyebrow growth.

The result are naturally curved eyebrows that form the perfect frame for your face.

The special thing about an eyebrow transplant: The hairs are taken from the lower donor area, as the hairs there are thinner and therefore more suitable for the eyebrow area than in the upper area of the donor area.

The result is quite impressive. Completely natural and expressive eyebrows hollywood-like à la Cara Delevingne - or Angelina Jolie, just the way you like them.

Why eyebrow transplantation and not microblading?

We believe that there are many important and good reasons that speak for eyebrow transplantation and against the microblading approach. Although this also has its positive aspects, we are now so bold to call it outdated.

Why be pleased with the appearance of eyebrows when you can have true eyebrows made from real hair?

After all, the most decisive argument in favour of an eyebrow transplant is the natural look, which experience shows can only be achieved with real hair or eyebrows.

In addition, thanks to their resistance to the hair loss hormone DHT, transplanted eyebrows are immune to falling out again and thus offer a permanent and natural result that does not fade.

Another argument worth mentioning: Transplanted eyebrows also fulfill the above-mentioned protection for our eyes foreseen by nature.

Eyebrow transplantation naturally without shaving!

Did you know that with the Swiss market leader HAIR & SKIN, no shaving of the eyebrow is necessary before the transplant? An experienced eyebrow transplant specialist transplants between the existing eyebrow hairs, which is why you are immediately socially acceptable again.

Sounds good? Then read on to find out more about the eyebrow transplant procedure at HAIR & SKIN.

What is the procedure for an eyebrow transplant at HAIR & SKIN?

First of all, there is a detailed consultation with a doctor. Here the patient has the opportunity to express any wishes, ideas and concerns.

The doctor in charge then explains the medical options and discusses the desired eyebrow together with the patient. In order to ensure the most natural result possible, he includes the existing eyebrow area in the planning of the new eyebrow to be modeled.

Only after these preliminary discussions does the actual transplantation take place by the eyebrow transplant specialist.

First of all, the eyebrow transplant specialist focuses on the donor area, which is located on the back of the patient's head. The reason for this is that the hair roots in this area are virtually immune to the notorious hair loss hormone DHT.

But that's not all: the hair roots at the back of the head are also very similar in structure and thickness to the eyebrow hairs. And that is a good thing, because the greater the similarity, the more harmonious the result.

Now, using the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction - Method), the transplant specialist removes the individual hair follicles from the donor area and reinserts them to form the desired eyebrow.

Thanks to this innovative method, the extraction area heals in a short time, so there are no unpleasant scars.

Important: On the head, our hair grows in small groups of up to four hairs. With eyebrows, however, it is different: they are made up of many individual hairs and therefore require an enormous amount of precision and patience from the transplanter - because of the smaller surface area.

Consequently, eyebrow transplantation and head hair transplantation differ significantly in this point.

For this reason, an eyebrow transplant also takes several hours - despite the smaller number of grafts that are placed. The patient remains fully conscious during the entire procedure.

In general, such a procedure is painless, as the individual treatment steps are not noticeable due to the local anaesthetic administered on site.

HAIR & SKIN - we fulfill your dream of perfect eyebrows

Our experienced team of trained doctors and specialist staff are experts in hair transplants. With a great deal of expertise and sensitivity, we will give you naturally full and permanently beautiful eyebrows.

Are you interested? Then book a free consultation today and let us inform you about your medical options. We are looking forward to see you.

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