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Hair Transplantation Turkey vs. Switzerland

Hair Transplantation Turkey vs. Switzerland

Medical Director Dr. Hans-Georg Dauer

3 min

March 26, 2021

A hair transplant needs to be well thought out. Many people wait too long because they are afraid of a transplant or because they fear the high costs.

Understandably, with such a life-changing decision, many factors come into play. It's not only important to get an overview of the costs you'll be facing. It is especially about trusting the clinic, the doctors and the hair technicians who will change your appearance permanently.

It does not matter whether Switzerland or Turkey - in both countries the most modern and gentle methods of hair transplantation are used, such as the FUE or FUT method. It is very important that you seek professional advice in advance to get the treatment tailored to you for the best possible success.

To support you in your decision, we have put together a few tips for you. These are the reasons speak for a hair transplant in Switzerland:

Reasons for Switzerland


Many people affected by hair loss think that they cannot afford a hair transplant in Switzerland and that an operation abroad is cheaper. Did you know that this is not necessarily true? If you are looking for a hair transplant of comparable quality, it is worth comparing prices. At HAIR & SKIN you can also arrange payment in instalments from CHF 150.-/month.

Care After the Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is not immediately visible. It usually takes about a year until the success is fully visible. You should pay attention to whether costs are incurred for consultation and aftercare appointments and whether you are accompanied before and after your operation. In Switzerland you will be looked after more quickly if you are unsure. At HAIR & SKIN pre- and aftercare appointments are free of charge. You only pay for your treatment.

Low Travel Costs

The place of operation in Switzerland can be reached quickly and cheaply. If you decide to travel to Turkey for a hair transplant, you will have to bear the costs for the outbound and return flight. You can always reach HAIR & SKIN by public transport, as all our locations are centrally located in the city centre.

Shorter Journey

The hair transplant in Switzerland has a shorter journey than the operation in Turkey. For example, if you choose a hair transplant in Zurich, Lucerne, Winterthur or St. Gallen, you can reach them from anywhere in Switzerland within a few hours.

Effective Communication

Getting a hair transplant done in your own country helps avoid complications or misunderstandings due to ineffective communication. If you are not proficient in English or Turkish, getting a hair transplant in Istanbul might pose a significant challenge. Our staff members are multilingual, which means you can communicate in several languages to discuss all your concerns.

High Hygiene Standards

In a country like Switzerland, there are very high hygienic standards that a good hair clinic must meet. This ensures that you have a very good basis for a successful hair transplant. In Turkey, less strict hygiene regulations apply.


The spread of COVID-19 continues to cause restrictions on international air and travel and disruptions to public life. Non-essential travel is still to be avoided due to high infection rates. Thus, many are choosing to operate at home.

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Hair Transplant

from CHF 150.–/month


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Advantages of a Hair Transplant at HAIR & SKIN

Own Clinics, Own Doctors

Expert doctors with many years of experience are eager to meet you in our modern clinics. With the latest technology, we achieve precise and particularly natural results. Find your clinic near you here.

Free Advice and Controls

At HAIR & SKIN you only pay for your treatments. All appointments such as consultation including hair analysis, regular check-ups or follow-up visits are free of charge. Book your free consultation including hair analysis here.

Payment by Instalments Possible

Pay for your treatment at HAIR & SKIN conveniently in monthly instalments that you can define. Possible from CHF 100 per month.

You can find all information about the prices here.

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