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Dating: How Does Baldness Affect Women?

Dating: How Does Baldness Affect Women?

Medical Director Dr. Hans-Georg Dauer

10 min

April 21, 2022

Are only women vain? No, and far from it; men also want to be beautiful. But there’s more to an attractive appearance than just a well-groomed beard, a well-toned body and an overall athletic appearance. Full and vital hair should is indispensable on men’s must-have list.

All the more, hair loss itches at a male’s self-confidence. Especially for men in the dating scene, their insecurity is increased. How is hair loss perceived by the opposite sex? Am I still attractive even though I’m bald? And what can I do about bald spots?

When Will My Hair Grow Back?

Are you struggling with hair loss? Well, in case it helps you: You're certainly not alone. Because would you have thought that almost every third man is affected by hair loss (alopecia)?

There are many reasons for this cosmetic flaw. The most common reason is and remains our genetics. The loss of hair lies in the cradle, so to speak. It’s not without reason that medical professionals speak of androgenetic or hereditary alopecia.

In this case, your hair roots do not tolerate DHT, also called dihydrotestosterone. They simply do not get along with the degradation product of testosterone. No wonder they react hypersensitively to it “head on''. As soon as they come in contact with DHT, they go crazy. Little by little, the hair roots atrophy and detach from our hair coat.

When exactly androgenetic alopecia strikes varies from man to man. For some, it is already noticeable in their early 20s. For others, it doesn't set in until their mid-40s or 50s.

In the fear of bald spots, many men take early preventive measures to stop alopecia. Some turn to medications or grooming products that contain minoxidil. Both active ingredients have been proven to paralyze the progression of hair loss to allow for fresh hair to grow back. But there is just one small problem with: If we do not regularly take the necessary precautions, they also show no effect.

Someone who doesn’t want to depend on minoxidil for life goes one step further. They consider a hair transplant. The principle: The attending physician uses a densely overgrown donor area, usually at the back of the patient's head. Here, he takes healthy hair roots and inserts them into the sparse areas on the scalp - be it on the forehead or in the receding hairline, or any of the affected areas. After a waiting period of 9 to 12 months, the final result is revealed. And this has come to stay. Because did you know that the grafts will never be lost? Everything stays in place.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata can be just as psychologically stressful as androgenetic alopecia. This rare form of hair loss manifests itself in the form of bald circular patches in the hair coat, roughly the size of a coin. Most often they occur in the hair of the head, but occasionally also in beard hair.

The exact cause of hair loss is still unclear. Researchers suspect a violent autoimmune reaction of the body as a trigger. Our immune system goes off the rails, so to speak, and attacks itself. Completely healthy hair cells are destroyed.

Overall, the disease is relatively rare. Only one to two percent of the population reports circular bald spots. The most prominent example is Jada Pinkett Smith. Will Smith's wife has even parted with her long mane because of the autoimmune disease.

The suffering caused by alopecia areata is enormous. Jada Pinkett Smith is the best proof. Will Smith's family suffers so much from the condition that the Hollywood star couldn't even contain himself at the Oscars. After a controversial comment from presenter Chris Rock about his wife's hairstyle, he stormed on stage and punched him in the face. He later justified his extreme reaction by citing the emotional toll the illness has taken on the whole family.

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Hair Transplant

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How Do Women React to My Baldness?

What do Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel or Jason Statham have in common? That's right, all three make women's hearts beat faster. Why? Simple: It's their bald head that makes them so sexy.

And, of course, their confident charisma. They are all proud bald men. Full of self-confidence, they carry the topless look through the world, anywhere they go. Self-doubt? They don’t feel any. They feel completely comfortable in their skin.

Isn't this the best proof that bald guys are sometimes really lucky? It seems that women really are crazy about them. Otherwise they wouldn't go crazy for Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis or Jason Statham.

In any case, men with hair loss shouldn’t hide behind it or even take a break from dating. On the contrary, they should be proud of their baldness.

You're still not convinced? Then we have a second proof for you: Did you know that one in ten bald men is particularly attractive?

What Makes a Bald Head so Attractive?

Many men are confused: What's so sexy about baldness? Every woman surely seeks someone who has full and strong hair.

Well, you thought wrong! Bald men are very popular with the female sex - at the latest since Jason Statham has been making the big screen unsafe as The Transporter. The secret of bald men's success: they appear exceptionally self-confident and dominant. This man knows what he wants. He stands up for himself. And that goes down well.

But that's not all: because men with baldness often also appear taller and stronger. Thus, the sparse hair growth has a positive influence on the stature.

Another plus: women often consider bald men to be more experienced. If that's not reason enough to reach for the razor and say goodbye to damaged hair. More and more often, men are voluntarily going topless more and more often.

But the boom to go bald is not only due to the high attraction to women. Comfort also plays a role. Because honestly, could there be a more comfortable hairstyle? It’s literally not possible to have less of a styling effort. In record time, the hairstyle looks fresh and well-groomed.

Does Baldness Really Make You Attractive? Let's Ask Science!

Hollywood's favorite male action movie cast isn't the only one proving that bald guys are pretty sexy. Even science can confirm it. Allow us to prove it to you.

Recent studies from the USA make it clear: A bald head makes a positive impression on women. For this purpose, the female test subjects were shown photos of one and the same man - once with hair, once without hair. The result leaves no room for doubt: the bald men clearly came out on top.

But as you know, every coin has a flip side. There are also scientific studies on product development that find exactly the opposite - such as a famous Tinder study.

The principle: The effect of two different user profiles on women was examined. Once, the testimonial called Christian presented himself without hair and once with a full and strong head of hair.

The result: Christian with a full head of hair got eight times as many matches as his counterpart with a bald head. So the assumption is obvious that especially in the dating phase, a lush head of hair is better perceived by the female sex than a full or half bald head.

But please be careful: We are talking about recognized scientific studies with carefully selected test subjects, which strictly follow the basic data protection regulation. Nevertheless, the results should always be taken with a grain of salt. Because everyone has a different taste, as we all know. Every woman has her own preferences. One may prefer a full head of hair, the other a shaved head.

After all, attractiveness is a subjective concept. It cannot be pinpointed. So it always depends entirely on the personal taste and the subjective processing of the counterpart.

Self-Confidence With a Bald Head? Here's How!

Baldness is the trend. But despite this, many men still struggle with  balding. What if I lose my attractive effect on women? Understandable that they do not feel completely comfortable in their skin with these self-doubts literally on their head. On the contrary, the supposed flaw gnaws at their self-confidence.

But that doesn't have to be the case. With these 3 tips, you'll soon be a proud bald man.

Styling is What Counts

Many men hold on to their hair for dear life- even when there's not much left of it. But sometimes it's better to draw the line and say goodbye to your damaged hair - goodbye receding hairline, goodbye high forehead, goodbye fringe.

Welcome your new male self with a bald head. Of course, at first it's still unfamiliar, but with time you may learn to appreciate the “less is more” look. Because did you know that women love to run their fingers over a bald head? That smooth, sleek feeling is just priceless some.

Not feeling bald today? No problem, you can always hide it with little styling helpers. How about a trendy hat à la Harry Styles or a casual baseball cap à la Tom Brady?

Role Models Work Wonders

Take a look at Jason Statham. Does he seem less manly to you just because he's bald? Certainly not, the bald head is his trademark, so to speak. Thanks to it, he plays one of Hollywood's biggest screen darlings who takes every woman's heart by storm. And can you really imagine this action hero with a long surfer haircut or luscious curly mane?

Next up, we've got Vin Diesel. His bald head is his lifeblood. He wouldn't be the same without it. While it doesn't make him a classic Hollywood pretty boy, it does make him a desirable action hero. And what woman wouldn't want to be by an action hero's side?

And then we have singer Zayn Malik, the former boyfriend of top model Gigi Hadid. A few years ago he wore a strong, dark mop of hair - the perfect boy band look. But the Brit has since parted ways with his hair and is confidently bald. Does that make him less masculine and attractive? Not at all, in fact the opposite is true. Zayn has transformed himself from a cuddly singer into a real ladies' man.

What are we trying to tell you? It's simple: If you're feeling insecure again when you're bald, just think of your male role models - be it Jason Statham, Zayn Malik or Vin Diesel. They've all used your "supposed" weakness as a strength and are now more attractive than ever.

Keep a Stiff Upper Lip

Nothing is more unattractive than a man without self-confidence, who hides his bald spots embarrassingly under his cap. All the more important is a confident and proud appearance with baldness. More precisely, this means: keep your head up and chest out. Show yourself with all of your rough edges. Be proud!

Baldness Care - The Best Tips & Tricks for a Stunning Topless Look

With the right care, your bald head will not only feel nice and soft, smooth and sleek, but it will also look seductive.

Never Without Shampoo

It is a widespread myth: men with bald heads can do without shampoo with a clear conscience. But of course this is not the case. Because the scalp is still particularly sensitive - much more sensitive than the rest of your body. So an aggressive shower gel full of chemical additives is not necessarily the first choice.

It's best to use a mild shampoo with natural ingredients that refrain from all chemicals. You can't go wrong with an extra dose of nature.

Just as important as a mild shampoo is a mild face cream. Dermatologists recommend a hydrating skin care with jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid or glycerin. But beware: your choice should not be too oily - unless you like the mirror look.

Of course, sun protection is also high on your to-do list. Because without hair, the sensitive scalp is naturally defenseless against the sun’s aggressive UV radiation. So on sunny days, a cap or sun hat should never be missing from your bag - just like high-quality sun cream with at least SPF 50.

Of course, winter is also hard on your scalp. The extreme cold and dry air from the heating system take their toll - especially after shaving. A rich moisturizer after every shave is all the more important. And please do not forget: On frosty days, you have to take your hat with you.

Which Beard Actually Goes With Baldness?

If I go bald, then at least I should keep the beard - as many men think. Not without reason, the beard plays an important role for bald men. But which one actually fits best?

Are you a fan of rugged three-day beards? Good thing, because the cool, masculine look goes great with baldness. The same goes for a well-maintained mustache, chin and goatee. It creates an interesting contrast to the bald head. Even a full beard can go well with a shaved head. After all, how can you create a cooler hipster look?