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A Comparison: Medical vs Cosmetic Needling

A Comparison: Medical vs Cosmetic Needling

Medical Director Dr. Hans-Georg Dauer

5 min

November 16, 2022

We already know cosmetic microneedling: a minimally invasive procedure in which tiny injuries are inflicted on the skin using small, fine needles. The skin will be perforated so that its repair processes are activated and active collagen production is stimulated.

But in needling we distinguish between the cosmetic microneedling on the one hand and medical needling on the other. But what exactly is medical needling? HAIR & SKIN explains.

What exactly is medical needling?

Microneedling is primarily a cosmetic treatment. The needles used, with a maximum needle depth of 0.5 mm, do not reach the deep-lying skin layer (called dermis), so that consequently only the surface of the skin can be treated.

The special feature of medical needling is the penetration depth of the needle, starting at 0.5 mm, as well as the nature of the equipment used. The needle head with its 6 needles achieves a treatment of aesthetic as well as medical indications due to the deeper punctures and the sharper needle. The resulting injuries make the skin work correspondingly more intensively. But don't worry: only a very clean injury is formed. Also, the frequency with which the finest needles penetrate the skin is much higher with medical needling than with cosmetic needling. Moreover, this frequency can be very well controlled by the doctor. Accordingly, the instruments and systems used must also have fulfilled a medical classification (medical CE) beforehand so that they may be used for this type of treatment. This is exactly why medical needling may only be performed by medical specialists with the appropriate expertise in this method. As a result of the above-mentioned reasons, medical needling is more deeply effective and shows correspondingly better results than cosmetic needling.

The stimulation or the targeted injury of deeper skin layers through medical needling causes an activation of the collagen fibres. This slows down the breakdown of collagen, a natural process of the ageing process. The skin receives a "lift". In addition, it is possible to introduce skin-rejuvenating and skin-building active substances through the fine punctures. For optimal results, the treatment should be performed several times (as a rule, at least 4 treatments at intervals of 4 weeks are recommended).

Overall, it can be said that the medical needling is safe and results in a "glow" immediately after the treatment. This means that your skin regains its elasticity through medical needling and thus becomes radiant. It is well supplied with blood, which makes your complexion rosy fresh, soft and shiny. This longed-for "boost" makes the skin look younger and more vital in the months following an intensive medical needling treatment - as if a filter had been placed over the skin.

How does the medical needling treatment work?

Before the actual medical needling, a small amount of blood is taken from you. This is prepared in a centrifuge, as only the pure blood plasma is needed. This is then put drop by drop into the needling pen, which works on the skin. The fine needles of the needling pen penetrate the skin, irritate the receptors and inflict tiny injuries - so-called micro injuries. And this is exactly what the body understands as a clear signal: your body's self-healing powers are activated. But don't panic: The micro-injuries do not leave any permanent or visible damage on the skin. Redness also disappears shortly after the treatment: the skin immediately begins to heal. Now collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin are diligently produced - the three key components for firm, elastic and youthful skin.

Already after the first session, the skin looks visibly more vital and noticeably smoother. The glow for your face is guaranteed!

Another advantage of medical needling: the small punctures make your skin much more receptive to beneficial skin care products. The last step is to apply a regenerating face mask and a rich aftercare lotion, so that valuable nutrients and growth factors can find their way into the skin and unfold their rejuvenating effect. And even the days after the treatment, your skin is more receptive to care products. Cool, isn't it?

How long does a medical needling session last?

The duration of the facial treatment varies from person to person. For some it takes 30 minutes, for others up to 60 minutes. The reason: with medical needling, it all depends on how many areas need to be treated and how prominent the wrinkles and scars are in the skin.

What is medical needling suitable for?

Medical needling is an all-rounder. It plays its trump card with the most diverse "little problems" of the skin and hair - especially here:

  • Improvement of skin texture
  • Pigmentation spots
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • sagging connective tissue
  • Pore refinement
  • Improvement of pregnancy and stretch marks
  • Scar treatment of larger areas (especially burn scars)

However, all areas of application have one thing in common: the skin has been affected - be it by age, pregnancy, injuries or persistent skin diseases such as acne. It urgently needs a rejuvenating cure.

And it is precisely this rejuvenating treatment that medical needling offers. The fine needles skillfully activate the tired and sagging skin. They challenge it, so to speak, to switch to recovery mode. This is the only way for the skin to tighten and plump up under its own power. A real energy boost.

What are the advantages of medical needling?

Why medical needling and not another treatment such as filler? Is this exactly the question you are asking yourself right now? Then let us explain the magic of this beauty trend to you.

  • Impressively natural look: In contrast to alternative forms of treatment such as filler, medical needling creates a pleasantly natural effect on your facial contours. The skin looks more radiant and vital - without any artificial flavour. After all, the skin uses its own powers for rejuvenation.
  • Freshness without surgery: Unlike traditional skin tightening, medical needling does not involve surgery. It is a minimally invasive procedure.
  • Short regeneration time: The fine punctures in the skin heal themselves within a very short time, which means that the regeneration time is very short. The very next day you are socially fit again. This is not the case after an operation, as the body needs much more time to regenerate.

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