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Fulfil your dream of a radiant complexion with our first-class skin treatments. Thanks to state-of-the-art methods and experienced doctors, we work to improve the appearance of your skin and emphasise your natural beauty. Give yourself a new lease of life and book a free skin analysis.

Treatments from £200

hair transplant



Fine Lines

Deep Wrinkles


Saggy Skin

Blemished Skin

Excessive Sweating


Lack of Volume

Medical Needling

Discover radiantly beautiful skin with our medical needling for wrinkles, spots and hyperpigmentation.

£2,000/6 treatments


Forehead Wrinkles

Smooth out deep-set forehead wrinkles with our wrinkle treatment for a youthful appearance.


Frown Lines

Combat frown lines for a more relaxed facial expression and a naturally smooth forehead.


Nose Wrinkles - "Bunny Lines"

Say goodbye to bunny lines with our wrinkle treatment for a smooth nose.


Crow's Feet

Say goodbye to crow's feet and bring your eye area to life with our wrinkle treatment.


Lip Filler

Achieve your desired lip volume and emphasise your lip contour with the low-risk lip filler treatment.


Jawline Filler

Give your face a striking contour and more definition thanks to our jawline fillers.


Cheek Fillers

Give your face new fullness and a youthful appearance with our cheek fillers.


Chin Fillers

Emphasise your natural face shape with our chin fillers for more definition, harmony and expression.


Skin Booster

Moisturise your skin and improve its elasticity with our skin booster treatment with hyaluronic acid.

£1000/3 treatments

Skin Booster Cocktail

Intensive moisturisation and improved skin elasticity with our skin booster treatment with hyaluronic acid and collagen.

£1,500/3 treatments

Sweat Treatment: Armpits

Our sweat treatment with muscle relaxant offers a long-term solution to excessive sweating.

£1200/2 treatments

Skin Kits: BASIC KIT

Give your skin a new feeling of freshness with our BASIC KIT for improved texture and an irresistible glow.



Our ESSENTIAL KIT provides your skin with nutrients and a boost of freshness while combating the first signs of ageing.



A combination of several treatments makes the COMPLETE KIT the premium solution for radiantly beautiful skin.


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