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There are many types of hair loss: temporary, hereditary, hormonal, early stage, post-pregnancy, spotty and many more. Causes of hair loss are individual. There is no blueprint à la "one-solution-fits-all", as is often promised by shampoos or caffeine treatments. When it comes to hair loss, the first step before treatment should therefore be: Diagnosis.

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What is a hair treatment with autologous blood?

The body's own blood concentrate is used to isolate therapeutically valuable proteins called growth factors and inject them into the scalp. This sets it apart from mesotherapy in which other components such as hyaluronic acid, organic silicon or vitamins are added to the blood.

This promotes the growth of the hair follicles and gives the hair more density and strength. The treatment is minimally invasive, requires no downtime and is suitable for both men and women. Best of all, many find the treatment to be painless and can return to their social life immediately!

Wie funktioniert eine Haartransplantation?

Eine Haartransplantation ist eine Lösung gegen Haarausfall. Dabei werden aus dem Spenderbereich, der sich meist am Hinterkopf befindet, Haarfollikel entnommen und anschliessend in andere Bereiche (Kopf, Bart, Augenbrauen) verpflanzt. Es handelt sich um eine "Umsiedlung" von Haaren, da entnommene Haare an der Entnahmestelle nicht nachwachsen. Der Eingriff wird von spezialisiertem, medizinischem Fachpersonal durchgeführt mit jahrelanger Erfahrung und ist dank Lokalanästhesie weitestgehend frei von Schmerzen. Die meisten Haartransplantationen werden innerhalb eines Tages durchgeführt. Ab dem Tag der Haartransplantation muss man mit ca. 1 Jahr rechnen bis das endgültige Ergebnis der neuen Haarpracht zu sehen ist.

Before and After Examples

Discover before and after examples from satisfied customers here. In our work, we place great value on the naturalness of the result, taking into account the hair type and the respective ethnicity.

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Right for whom?

Autohemotherapy is just as popular with our female customers as it is with our male customers. Since there is no downtime and no healing period required, start at any time. In addition, we generally do not carry out any hair transplant under 25 years - therefor ideal for curbing hair loss if a hair transplant is desired later.

    Suitable for PRP treatment

    • Thinning hair

    • PCOS or other hormonal fluctuations

    • Light hair loss

    • Itchy scalp

    • People under 25 years

    • Supplementary measure for hair transplantation

    Suitable for hair transplant

    Progressive hair loss

    Male hair loss

    Bald patches e.g. receding hairline or tonsure


The effectiveness of autologous blood treatments

Scientific studies have consistently demonstrated the remarkable effectiveness of PRP treatment. Below you find just few examples.


    A combination of hair transplants and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments resulted in significant hair regrowth.

    Paichitrojjana et al.

    Read more


    The PRP injections resulted in a significant increase in hair density and thickness, suggesting that PRP treatment can effectively stimulate hair growth and combat hair loss.

    Georgescu et al.

    Read more


    PRP therapy has proven positive results in stimulating hair growth and reducing hair loss.

    Zhou et al.

    Read more


    The study found that PRP treatment by injection was more effective than minoxidil therapy in stimulating hair growth.

    Pakhomova et al.

    Read more


    The use of PRP showed a positive effect on androgenetic alopecia and could be considered as a supportive therapy for androgenetic alopecia.

    Alves et al.

    Read more

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