Solutions for Thinning Hair

With a free analysis, we will find the reason for your thin hair and offer customised treatments for a strong mane.

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Treating thinning hair effectively

Thin and fine hair has different causes. In addition to incorrect styling, genetic hair loss can also be a reason for thinning hair.

With PRP autologous blood treatment, we offer an effective solution for thinning hair. PRP therapy utilizes the power of your body's platelets to stimulate hair follicle growth, resulting in increased density and strength. By extracting a small amount of your blood, isolating the platelet-rich plasma, and administering it to the scalp, PRP treatment initiates the rejuvenation process for your hair follicles.

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How does a hair transplant work?

A hair transplant is a solution to hair loss. Hair follicles are taken from the donor area, which is usually at the back of the head, and then transplanted into other areas (head, beard, eyebrows). This is a "resettlement" of hair, as removed hair does not grow back at the donor site.

The procedure is performed by specialised medical staff with years of experience and is largely pain-free thanks to local anaesthesia. Most hair transplants are performed within one day.

From the day of the hair transplant, you have to expect about 1 year until you can see the final result of the new hair.

Benefits of PRP treatment for thinning hair

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A thorough examination and individualised treatment planning are crucial to achieving effective results.

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Top methods for natural and long-lasting results. Highly qualified, experienced doctors and surgeons.

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As the market leader in the industry, we set the standard for excellence in hair restoration and skin rejuvenation.

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We place great value on the naturalness of the results in our work, taking into account the hair type and the respective ethnicity.

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At the free appointment, a hair analysis is performed using a hair scan to determine the quality of your hair. Based on this analysis, our staff can determine the reason for your hair loss and create a suitable treatment plan for you.

Hair transplant or PRP treatment?

The autologous blood treatment is just as popular with our female customers as it is with our male customers.

As there is no downtime and no healing phase required, you can start at any time. The treatment is ideal for people with sensitivities to synthetic substances or allergies, as only the body's own plasma is used for PRP treatment.

It is important to note that PRP treatment not only promotes hair growth but also enhances scalp health. The treatment can help with the following indications:

    Suitable for PRP treatment

    • Thin hair

    • PCOS or other hormonal fluctuations

    • Mild hair loss

    • Itchy scalp

    • People under 25 years of age

    • Pre- and post-operative optimisation as part of a hair transplant

    Suitable for hair transplant

    Progressive hair loss

    Male pattern hair loss

    Bald patches e.g. receding hairline or tonsure


The effectiveness of autologous blood treatments

Scientific studies have consistently demonstrated the remarkable effectiveness of PRP treatment. Below you can find just a few examples.


    A combination of hair transplants and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments resulted in significant hair regrowth.

    Paichitrojjana et al.

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    The PRP injections resulted in a significant increase in hair density and thickness, suggesting that PRP treatment can effectively stimulate hair growth and combat hair loss.

    Georgescu et al.

    Read more


    PRP therapy has proven positive results in stimulating hair growth and reducing hair loss.

    Zhou et al.

    Read more


    The study found that PRP treatment by injection was more effective than minoxidil therapy in stimulating hair growth.

    Pakhomova et al.

    Read more


    The use of PRP showed a positive effect on androgenetic alopecia and could be considered as a supportive therapy for androgenetic alopecia.

    Alves et al.

    Read more

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