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Care after an hair transplant, blonde guy with well-kept hair

Care after the hair transplant

The aftercare routine after your hair transplant is important for the best possible result and a timely recovery. Here you will find all the relevant information for a quick recovery.

Care after an hair transplant, blonde guy with well-kept hair

What to look out for after the hair transplant

In aesthetic procedures such as a hair transplant, it is important to follow the professional's behavioural instructions as well as the proper post-surgery care carefully in order to bring about the fastest possible healing. This procedure is essential for the period immediately after the hair transplant up to several weeks afterwards to protect the preservation of the grafts. Accordingly, it is important to take the medication according to the schedule and to follow the detailed instructions for hair care in the following video, as well as in the PDF below.

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If you have any further unanswered questions about post-transplant hair care, your HAIR & SKIN team is always at your disposal."

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Our two products: HAIR & SKIN Foam and HAIR & SKIN Shampoo.


Foam + Shampoo - an effective duo

Hair washing may be done gently again from the third day after the operation. As mentioned in the video, foam and shampoo are applied to the head with gentle touches and then rinsed off. This should gradually loosen the crust during the washing process so that it is no longer present at the 10-day check-up. You will be given the products at the clinic after your treatment in sufficient quantity for the time you need them.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to wash your hair after your hair transplant?

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    See our instructions in the video.

    During the first two days after the transplant, the hair should not be washed. From the third day on, hair washing is allowed according to the following instructions:

    • First, HAIR & SKIN foam should be used. This is applied carefully with the fingertips in the treated area.

    • Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse off with a light stream of water.

    • Carefully wash the remaining hair with the HAIR & SKIN shampoo and massage the donor area at the back of the head with circular movements.

    • Rinse with a light stream of water and gently blot with a paper towel. Do not use a different kind of towel.

    Starting on the eighth day, add circular motions to the washing process in the transplanted area to massage any remaining crusts.

    At the 10-day check-up, there should be no crusts left.

    From the eleventh day, the hair can be washed as usual and the shampoo can still be used for this purpose. The foam is no longer needed.

  • What should you keep in mind for the aftercare?

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    It is important to take the medication according to the medication schedule during the first three days.

    In addition, you should sleep on your back and with your upper body elevated for one week to avoid pressure on the area with implanted hair. Ideally you should use a travel pillow (neck pillow). The TENA Bed pad can be used as a sleeping pad.

    From the third day, a light head covering is allowed again without putting pressure on the implanted area.

    From the eleventh day, non-transplanted hair may be cut with scissors, but no razor may be used.

  • What must be avoided during the aftercare?

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    • During the first two days after the transplantation, the transplanted as well as untransplanted area must not be touched or washed.

    • In addition, it is forbidden to smoke, consume alcohol and other drugs for two weeks.

    • During the first 30 days after the transplantation, it is not allowed to do sports, swimming, sea, sauna, solarium or sunbathing.

    • From the 31st day, it is again allowed to wear motorcycle/ski helmets as well as caps.

    • In addition, hair products such as minoxidil, wax, gel or spray may not be used until the 49 day mark.

    • Furthermore, the hair may not be colored, blow-dried, shaved or plucked for 120 days. Contact sports are also prohibited for 120 days.

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