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Learn the Meaning Behind the Most Common Lip Shapes

Learn the Meaning Behind the Most Common Lip Shapes

Miriam Otero

9 min

October 23, 2023

The dream of full, sensual lips is a big issue for many women. After all, a beautiful pout is an important facial feature that adds beauty and elegance to our face.

However, not everyone is blessed with perfect lips like Angelina Jolie's Hollywood lips or Taylor Swift’s heart-shaped lips.

In this blog post, we'll tell you what you can do to achieve full lips and what types of lip shapes there are. Have fun reading!

Different Types of Lips and Their Meaning

Lips are a striking feature of the face and can say a lot about a person.

From narrow lips to round lips, from a soft cupid's bow to a wide mouth – every lip shape has its own beauty and expressiveness.

Lip shapes can be broadly divided into different categories, each with their different characteristics and meanings:

1. Narrow lips vs full lips

This lip shape is characterised by a narrow upper and lower lip. It is often associated with reservedness and introversion.

People with thin lips could be considered loners who carefully observe the space around them before making the first move.

They often prefer subtle lipstick colours or lip gloss to accentuate their thin lips and might even use a lip liner to define the lip contour.

Full lips, on the other hand, are characterised by a pronounced upper and lower lip. They are often associated with sensuality, self-confidence and an extroverted personality.

People with full lips tend to use bolder lipstick colours or even lip fillers to accentuate their lips even more.

A pronounced cupid's bow, which emphasises the centre of the upper lip, is a characteristic feature of full lips and is often considered particularly attractive.

2. Top-heavy lips vs bottom-heavy lips

Some people have a larger top lip compared to their bottom lip, while others tend to have bottom-heavy lips.

However, a heavy lower lip or heavy upper lip can create an asymmetrical appearance of the lips.

The perception of this lip shape varies according to individual taste and cultural background.

3. Wide lips vs narrow lips

The width of the mouth can vary from a small mouth to a wider, more expressive smile.

A wider mouth can often be perceived as friendly and inviting, while a narrow or small mouth can indicate more reservedness.

A unique lip shape: Bow-shaped lips

As the name suggests, bow-shaped lips describe a pout with a pronounced cupid's bow. It is often seen as an attractive feature and can emphasise the sensuality of the lips.

What Our Lips Say About Our Character

Our lips can actually say a lot about our character. People with full lips are often seen as self-confident, sensual and extroverted. They are often willing to take risks and like to approach others.

On the other hand, narrow lips can indicate reservedness and introversion. People with this lip shape tend to be more cautious and observe the space around them carefully before making the first move.

The cupid's bow, the characteristic curve in the centre of the upper lip, is often associated with grace and elegance and can indicate a romantic and more sensitive personality.

Ultimately, however, it is important to emphasise that lip shapes are only one part of the whole picture and cannot always be an accurate indicator of a person's character. It is the combination of different features that paints a complete picture of our personality.

Lip Augmentation: An Overview of The Possibilities

For those who are unhappy with their natural lip shape, there are now numerous ways to change and customise it.

Some favour cosmetic procedures such as lip fillers or hyaluronic acid injections to make small lips appear fuller and more sensual. These treatments can help to emphasise the cupid's bow or change the overall size and shape of the lips.

Others prefer to use non-invasive methods, such as specialised lip serums which contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. These can help to hydrate and plump the lips within the natural lip line without the need for injections.

Another possibility to create the impression of fuller lips is the use of make-up. A popular method for this includes first defining and slightly overlining the natural lip shape using a lip liner that complements the lip color.

Afterwards a highlighter is used on the cupid's bow and center of the lower lip to enhance volume and draw attention. Alternatively to a highlighter, a concealer in a slighty lighter shade than the natural skin colour can be used.

By bringing attention to the lips, lip glosses can also help to make lips look fuller.

At HAIR & SKIN, we offer a variety of treatments to customise your lip shape to your liking. From lip fillers to hyaluronic acid injections, there are various options available to help you achieve the perfect pout.

With our wide range of cosmetic treatments, you're sure to find the right solution to enhance your lips and boost your confidence. Make an appointment today and discover how you can change the shape of your lips in a simple and safe way.

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Lip Fillers for Full Lips



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Change the Shape of Your Lips at HAIR & SKIN

At HAIR & SKIN, we specialise in aesthetic treatments that help you enhance your natural beauty and boost your self-confidence. Our experienced professionals are on hand to fulfil your individual wishes and help you make the most of your appearance.

Whether you are looking for fuller, more sensual lips or simply want to improve your natural lip shape, we have the right solutions for you. Our high-quality and innovative lip enhancement treatments guarantee you safe and satisfying results.

Make an appointment for a personalised consultation today and find out how we can help you shape your lips to your liking. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey to a more confident and radiant self!

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