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Perfect eyebrows from CHF 60.– /month


We guarantee with a professional hair bundle that hair transplanted by HAIR & SKIN and after-treated with PRP therapy will not fall out for 10 years. We perform the after-treatment free of charge if there is a medical improvement of the current situation. Furthermore, we perform post-treatment free of charge if fewer grafts could be used during transplantation than agreed. The 10-year guarantee is valid only for the affected areas, where own hair was transplanted by a specialist of HAIR & SKIN. The guarantee does not apply to areas not treated by HAIR & SKIN.

Eyebrow Thickening


from CHF 60.–/month

or CHF 2’900.–

Eyebrow Transplantation


from CHF 80.–/month

or CHF 3’900.–

Eyebrow Woman

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