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hair transplant in Switzerland, the alternative to a hair transplant in Turkey

Your Alternative to a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Fuller and thicker hair near you. No unnecessary trips abroad and unforeseen costs.

from CHF 60.–/month*


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hair transplant in Switzerland, the alternative to a hair transplant in Turkey
Hair Transplant: Turkey or Switzerland?

Fuller and thicker hair near you without unnecessary foreign travel and high costs.

Was können wir besser

  • Price

    Many people affected by hair loss think that they cannot afford a hair transplant in Switzerland and that an operation abroad is cheaper. Did you know that this is not necessarily true? If you are looking for a hair transplant of comparable quality, it is worth comparing prices. At HAIR & SKIN you can also arrange payment in installments starting at CHF 60.-/month.

  • Hair Transplantation After Care

    When hair loss sufferers have their hair transplant abroad, they often forget that you are there exclusively for the operation. But who will take care of you afterwards? We do! We accompany you for 1 year of your hair transplantation. On the spot and free of charge.

  • Low Travel Costs

    A flight abroad can be associated with enormous costs. Since HAIR & SKIN is represented at 19 locations throughout Switzerland, you incur only very low travel costs, in contrast to a flight abroad. Whether by cab, public transport or carpooling - you get your money's worth when it comes to the price. In any case, you should make sure that you do not have to drive yourself after the treatment.

  • Shorter Journey

    A flight of several hours or a train or car ride to the nearest clinic at HAIR & SKIN. What would you choose? Since we are represented throughout Switzerland with our 19 locations, you can be with us quickly and easily - whether for a free hair analysis or a follow-up check - within a very short time.

  • No language barrier

    Our doctors and clinic staff speak several languages, depending on the region. Both German and English are mandatory, in French-speaking Switzerland French is also standard. A language barrier is therefore not a problem at HAIR & SKIN.

  • High Hygiene Standards

    In Switzerland, strict regulations prevail when it comes to the subject of hygiene. Of course, in all our clinics, corresponding hygiene regulations are duly observed and checked on a daily basis. Therefore, all regulations regarding hygiene standards are strictly adhered to in our clinics. High standards regarding cleanliness and purity are strictly implemented at HAIR & SKIN.

  • Safety

    When it comes to safety, if you have your hair transplant performed on site in Switzerland, you have advantages that you do not have with a treatment abroad. In the event of an emergency, you have an immediate contact point and can rely on us to take care of it. Swiss quality standards in both the customer and treatment area are among our maxims. Furthermore, at HAIR & SKIN all given hygiene regulations are strictly implemented.

  • A New Way of Life - This is How it Works!

    Do you suffer from hair loss and feel like it restricts your quality of life? Rely on HAIR & SKIN - the Swiss market leader for hair transplants! We offer hair transplants of the highest quality at a fair price, without the need to travel abroad.
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    2. Free Hair Analysis and Consultation

      Our specialised doctors provide a hair analysis with non-binding advice.

    3. Treatment

      Start with your individual and discreet treatment, personally supervised in one of our clinics.

    4. Check-Ups

      Stop by for a follow-up and final check-up. Every consultation and check-up appointment is completely free of charge.

    Hair Transplantation

    Leon, 33 years old

    Hair Transplantation

    Positive throughout: great care, no pain, very clean rooms and pleasant stay - I can recommend to everyone!

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