HAIR & SKIN Hair Bundle, hair transplantation including platlet-rich plasma treatments with 10 years warranty

The Hair-Bundle

You are longing for full and thick hair? Combine your hair transplant with our PRP treatment plan and ensure the best and quickest result.

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HAIR & SKIN Hair Bundle, hair transplantation including platlet-rich plasma treatments with 10 years warranty

Your solution to full and thick hair

Our Hair Bundle with a 10-year warranty!

With the Hair Bundle, we promise you that the hair we transplant will last at least 10 years. If this is not the case, we offer you a free follow-up treatment of the affected areas. In order for this to happen, all procedures, i.e. the hair transplant and at least four autologous blood treatments, must have been carried out at HAIR & SKIN.

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  3. Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant appointment - guaranteed in less than 30 days after your first consultation. You can find all details about the procedure of your hair transplant here.

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Your Hair-Bundle

Your hair transplant with at least four PRP treatments

For the best and fastest result, we recommend that you have a hair transplant in combination with at least four PRP treatments. We also call this a Hair-Bundle. Thanks to the growth factors contained in the PRP, the supplementary autologous blood treatments not only support the regeneration and healing process, but also strengthen and thicken the hair. You benefit in addition from a 10-year warranty on the preservation of the transplanted hair.


HAIR & SKIN Warranty Conditions

Prerequisite and exclusion

  • Compliance with the doctors' instructions, e.g. avoidance of direct sunlight, wearing of sunscreen, abstention from sport as discussed, controlled medication.
  • PRP therapy with at least four sessions in the first six months after the hair transplant.
  • Exclusion of influences due to accident, illness or self-infliction.
  • Precondition is that a significant part of the transplanted hair has fallen out before the expiry of the 10-year warranty.
  • If there is a case under the warranty, we offer you a free touch-up treatment within six months.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is included in the "Hair Bundle"?

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    The Hair Bundle includes a hair transplant performed by HAIR & SKIN in combination with at least four PRP therapy sessions to provide an additional nutrient boost to the hair roots. In addition, there is a 10-year guarantee, which includes free follow-up treatment if the warranty condition is met.

  • Is it possible to pay for my "Hair Bundle" on a monthly rate?

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    Yes, payment by monthly instalments are also possible for our Hair-Bundle. Our HAIR & SKIN Hair-Bundle is available starting at CHF 80.–/month.

  • How much does the "Hair Bundle" cost?

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    Our hair bundle consists of a hair transplant in the desired sections and at least four PRP treatments. This package is available starting at CHF 80.–/month.

  • What is the procedure for the "Hair Bundle" treatment?

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    HAIR & SKIN performs the hair transplant exclusively using the latest and most advanced technique - the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. This is a minimally invasive procedure that has many advantages over other methods. Here, the hairs are taken individually from the back of the head, the donor area, prepared in a saline solution and implanted in the affected areas.

    With a subsequent PRP treatment (at least four sessions at intervals of 1 month), the hair roots are supplied with essential nutrients through targeted application. This stimulates hair growth in a natural way and supports the growth of new hair. Blood is taken from the patient and processed in a centrifuge. During this process, nutrient-rich plasma is isolated and then injected into the affected areas.

  • What requirements must be fulfilled in order for the 10-year warranty to be valid?

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    As a patient, you must strictly adhere to all instructions given by the HAIR & SKIN doctors. This includes avoiding direct sunlight, the use of sun protection, refraining from sports (depending on the type of sport, take about 4 weeks off), regular and controlled medication intake, etc.

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