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HAIR & SKIN Uster offers consultations, hair transplants and PRP treatments for hair and skin in Uster.

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Both consultation and check-up appointments are free of charge and without obligation at HAIR & SKIN. You only pay for your treatment. We accept most payment methods. Payment by instalments is possible.

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The HAIR & SKIN clinics have nothing to do with the ordinary appearance of a clinic. Here, modern architecture meets sleek design. Precision and aesthetics are at the forefront.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What method of hair transplantation does HAIR & SKIN offer?

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    We perform hair transplantations exclusively according to the FUE method. Here, hair follicles, or grafts, are removed individually with a very fine hollow needle. The follicles are transplanted to the new location immediately after removal. The small extraction holes of the hollow needle grow back within a very short time after the procedure.

    Advantages of this method of operation:

    • A complete shave is not necessary with the FUE method. Only the donor area at the back of the head is shaved.
    • We "harvest" hair follicles gently, without cutting out skin with a scalpel.
    • No visible scars remain!
  • What do I have to pay attention to after the hair transplant?

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    The time after the treatment is planned by our doctor individually for each patient. We will train you on the correct behavior after the transplantation according to the doctor's recommendation. We will help you with hair washing in the beginning and instruct you in detail about the further process.

  • What exactly is an autohemotherapy?

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    Autoemotherapy, also popularly known as vampire lifting, is a natural form of treatment used to treat hair loss or minor blemishes such as wrinkles, dark circles or acne scars on the face. Maybe this treatment method already rings a bell, because stars like Kim Kardashian have been using it for several years.

    It is based on the body’s own blood concentrate. Using a centrifuge, the platelet-rich plasma is separated from the blood and injected into the appropriate areas. The nutrient-rich plasma stimulates your hair growth and promotes cell renewal and cell regeneration. The result is thicker and fuller hair or healthier and more vital skin. All without the risk of side effects.

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