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5 Botox Alternatives Against Wrinkles

5 Botox Alternatives Against Wrinkles

Medical Director Dr. Hans-Georg Dauer

9 min

May 30, 2022

For a long time, Botox was considered the evil B-word. No one wanted anything to do with the "neurotoxin". But the tide has turned. Nowadays, Botox treatments are as commonplace in skin care as peelings and anti-aging creams. Whether against forehead wrinkles, creases or crow's feet - the all-rounder takes on almost every furrow.

As proof: In 2020 alone, around 400,259 botulinum toxin treatments were performed in Germany. But despite its growing popularity, not everyone is keen on Botox. Many prefer a gentler treatment for wrinkles. But what forms of treatment are there actually and which one is the right one for me?

Let's find out together. Here are our top five Botox alternatives for stunningly beautiful skin.

Hyaluron Instead of Botox

May we introduce you to arguably the most popular Botox alternative? Tadaa, here it is, hyaluron. Because almost every modern anti-aging cream now advertises this miracle ingredient. But what is the beauty hype all about? What makes hyaluron so special?

Hyaluron is actually a small speciality in anti-aging care. After all, it is an active ingredient produced naturally in the body. In other words: our organism produces hyaluron from its own power. Because who else would give our skin its elasticity and resilience as well as we can?

Hyaluronic acid skilfully binds water and thus plumps up our skin from the inside out. It is naturally plumped up, so to speak. There is only one small problem: with age, this natural plumping effect becomes weaker and weaker. Year after year, we lose a little more hyaluronic acid and thus a little more youthfulness.

But do we have to stand by idly? No, we can actively support the plumping effect. With an extra portion of hyaluronic acid from the outside, we can effortlessly improve our complexion.

Whether as a cream, serum or injections - as soon as hyaluronic acid penetrates our skin layers, it unfolds its freshness effect. It immediately binds water, plumps up problem areas and promotes collagen production. This makes our complexion look visibly fresher, more alert and more supple immediately after the treatment.

The freshness effect is particularly great when hyaluron is combined with other youth enhancers - for instance with collagen, retinol or vitamin C. It is not for nothing that creams, tinctures or injections combine several valuable anti-aging active agents.

Good to know: Hyaluron is also good for our lips. The miracle ingredient prevents small wrinkles, builds up the edges of the lips and also freshens up the red of the lips.

Hyaluron vs. Botox: Where are the Differences?

Hyaluron is a gel-like filling material that pushes the problem areas from the inside. At the same time, it provides our skin with precious moisture during wrinkle treatment.

Hyaluron is considered a gentle alternative to Botox and facelifts. Unlike Botox, it does not interfere with the movements of our facial muscles. There is no paralysis. Our facial expressions are not affected.

Another plus point: collagen is usually better tolerated than Botox injections. The reason: We are supplying ourselves with an active ingredient that is produced naturally in the body. Our organism is very familiar with the multi-talent that is collagen. And the more familiar it is with an ingredient, the less often it rejects it. Only in very rare cases do allergic reactions occur after hyaluron treatments.

PRP Therapy - The Natural Guarantee for Smooth Skin

If you want a natural anti-aging method, PRP therapy is the right choice for you Because what could be more natural and familiar to your body than your own blood?

And that's exactly why the PRP treatment (vampire lift) swears by your own blood. It is not called platelet-rich plasma for nothing. Because it is precisely this plasma that is considered the fountain of youth of one's own body.

This valuable PRP is obtained from a small amount of the patient's own blood. After taking the blood, the attending physician carefully prepares it. This is the only way to separate the precious platelets (thrombocytes) from the other components of the blood.

If the separation was successful, nothing else stands in the way of the treatment. The physician carefully brings the PRP that has just been extracted into contact with the skin. And for this he has two different possibilities.

He either injects the liquid energy bundle of blood platelets, proteins and growth factors directly into the skin with fine needles or distributes it on the skin surface with a dermaroller / dermapen. Both methods are considered to be extremely effective.

It has been proven that PRP stimulates the formation of new collagen and cell regeneration in our skin. And the more eagerly the new collagen formation and cell regeneration work, the fresher, more awake and smoother the appearance of the skin.

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Medical Needling

from CHF 125.–/month


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Have you heard of the new Botox? Frotox is the name of the latest trend in cosmetic surgery. The term comes from the two expressions "Botox" and "Freezing".

The secret of the latest anti-aging trend: the modern form of treatment relies on Frotox, a highly effective liquid nitrogen.

Using fine needles, the treating physician injects the Frotox directly under the skin to the nerve. Here, the effects of nitrogen now unfold. Within a very short time, it cools the nerve down to minus 70 degrees. The patient experiences the extreme cold as a slight feeling of pressure under the skin. However, this does not usually involve pain. For safety reasons, the patient is given a local anesthetic before the therapy.

Once the extreme cold exits the skin, the nerves begin to relax. And it is precisely through this relaxation that the expression lines in the complexion are smoothed out. In other words, the furrows and lines are put on ice.

The smoothing of wrinkles is visible immediately after application. Immediately the complexion appears noticeably fresher, more vital and younger.

But where is the big difference to Botox? Quite simply: unlike the classic Botox treatment, Frotox does not paralyze the entire facial musculature, but only the targeted nerve. Thus, a residual movement remains.


Microneedling, also known as mesotherapy, has long been on the rise in Hollywood. But now the trend of the rich and beautiful is also spilling over into Switzerland. If you want to keep your youthful appearance without surgery, you can opt for microneedling.

The principle of the innovative anti-aging method is simple: The skin is treated or injured with small attachments containing fine, tiny needles. That's right, the skin is injured - and deliberately so. Because it is precisely through these micro-injuries in the upper layers that gets this treatment going.

The small wounds put our skin on alert: it must do something about it. It immediately activates its wound-healing powers. The desired effect: the body's own collagen production picks up the pace. Perfect, now the sagging skin is blessed with fresh elasticity. It looks noticeably more lively and youthful again.

Good to know: Microneedling does not achieve an immediate effect. A little patience is required. After all, collagen production takes time.


Whether Duchess Kate, Madonna or the former First Lady Michelle Obama - they’ve all courageously reached for Biotulin. Even fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld is said to have regularly used the liquid beauty secret to tighten his skin.

The special feature: Biotulin works in record time. After just one hour, the complexion should look visibly firmer and fresher. The freshness kick remains with us for up to 24 hours. And if we use the beauty secret of the stars and starlets daily, it even protects us from new wrinkles and lines. It's not without reason that we like to call this liquid multi-talent the Bio-Botox of cosmetics.

The heart of the miracle gel is its main active ingredient spilanthol. This is a local anesthetic. And it is precisely this extract from the paracress that causes local muscle relaxation. In other words: the muscle movements temporarily stand still wherever the gel is applied. It is not for nothing that Biotulin has a pseudo-botox-like effect on the skin surface.

The application is very simple: We simply apply the gel to the problem areas. Gently massage the fine liquid into the face, neck and décolleté and give it plenty of time to take effect. Ideally, we pamper ourselves twice a day with the Bio-Botox - once in the morning, once in the evening.

Good news: Just a few drops of Biotulin works wonders. Because thanks to their strikingly liquid consistency, they can be distributed effortlessly with the fingertips over the entire face, neck and décolleté area. And the less we need for our daily anti-aging treatment, the longer the Bio-Botox stays with us.

Other Botox Alternatives

Biotulin, hyaluronic acid and Frotox are not the only beauty secrets for a youthful, smooth complexion. The cosmetics industry has other miracle weapons in store. May we introduce you to a few more Botox alternatives?


Do you already know the "holy grail" of anti-aging methods? If not, then it's high time for a little meet and greet with Retinol.

Modern medicine also speaks of retinoids. And this retinoid is synthetically produced from vitamin A.

Retinol is a jackpot for our skin. It boosts collagen production, promotes the formation of new skin cells and makes our complexion more radiant. All the more it pines for the all-rounder. Whether as a serum or as a cream - in any form, it warmly welcomes retinol into its pores.

Did you know? Our skin also produces retinol on its own. With age, however, the production decreases step by step. And the less retinol is produced, the more tired and saggy our complexion looks. It lacks this fresh plumping effect. That's where synthetically produced retinol comes in handy. It carefully replenishes the depleted retinol reserves - be it in the mouth or eye area.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is healthy. Who hasn’t heard that from their parents as a child? But the miracle vitamin is not only indispensable for our immune system. Our skin can't get enough of it either. Especially in anti-aging care it plays a very important role. It effortlessly makes our tired complexion glow again.

But what does vitamin C do to our skin? Quite simple: The little secret weapon stimulates collagen synthesis, essential regeneration processes and protects the cells from their biggest enemies, the free radicals. So it can righteously call itself a multi-talent of anti-aging care.


They are the rising star among anti-aging products - peptides. But what makes the little protein building blocks so unique?

They are composed of short chains of amino acids, which in turn are linked to each other by peptide compounds. And it is precisely these amino acids that are worth their weight in gold for our body. They get the metabolism going, regulate the hormone balance and incidentally act like a rejuvenating cure for the skin. Our complexion makes a visibly fresher and more youthful impression.


Whether against crow's feet or forehead wrinkles - Spilanthol always works. The natural extract from paracress penetrates deep into the skin and irons out our expression lines for us - without any annoying swelling. Immediately the wrinkles and furrows appear more unobtrusive. It is not without reason that experts like to call this highly effective active ingredient the natural Botox.

Do you want to have youthful skin? Then book a free appointment at HAIR & SKIN and get a beautiful complexion with the help of Medical Needling or Botox.