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Beard Thickening and Transplantation

We fulfil your wish for a full beard. Gentle and natural thanks to the FUE method.

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A New Way of Life - This is How it Works!

Do you suffer from beard hair loss and feel like it restricts your quality of life? Rely on HAIR & SKIN - the Swiss market leader for hair transplants! We offer hair transplants of the highest quality at a fair price, without the need to travel abroad.
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  • Punching in preparation for follicle removal

  • Extraction of individual hair root groups

  • Collection the hair roots (grafts)

  • Implantation of the grafts at the affected areas

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Mission Masculinity - Your Way to a Full and Gapless Beard

Beard Treatment Testimonial

Thanks to beard thickening (up to 500 grafts) or beard hair transplantation (from 501 grafts) at HAIR & SKIN, many patients already enjoy a full and even beard.

  • Vorher


    M, 29 years old

    1'500 Grafts

  • Before


    N, 29 years old

    2'200 grafts

  • Before


    O, 53 years old

    550 Grafts

  • Before


    R, 37 years old

    2'200 grafts

  • Before


    A, 32 years old

    1'900 grafts

base head